About Us


Our intent is for people “to actually be able to discern, what might be possibly or actually gained in “measured physical results” from other programs.

As is the intent of our bookthe Great Fitness Fraud!

This site will enable you to learn, actually know, how to question or test”, with the facts and sequences necessary, for you to determine what you can possibly or actually gain in measured physical results “from our as well as other programs!”

The information on this site was developed from our factual based “Engineered Programs,” that enables us to have Predictable, Repeatable, and Sustainable RESULTS!  Results that have been Measured, Tested, Proven for over 40+ yrs.! No matter what level of Physical Performance a person desires, the information here is to help people avoid wasted efforts, time, money, and most of all health!  We have sought “the natural long-term answers” for everything, from weight loss, ultra sports performance, to healing, even with the supposed incurable and untreatable!

Due to our actual Engineered programs using facts, working knowledge, and constant support, our clients doing programs even in other locations across the country or the globe, get results “actually consistent with actually being here” in our facility!

Regarding Expectations of Results

Understand that although human bodies are similar, their effective treatments may vary greatly. (due to varied difference’s in their unique histories, and genetics)

Each person has developed differently due to many factors. These factors that vary our development can and do start from “before conception, and run to our current point.” The problems of lowered performance or illnesses are due mostly to stress and lack of restoration (adequate nutrients and time to process them).

In regards to what can and will happen from your consultation with us, you represent the major variant. This means two things. First, you must advise us as accurately and as truthfully as possible to allow us to fully understand your current condition and thus allow us to give you the best information and instructions.

Secondly, to attain the most from your consultation, your attention to every detail is imperative as well as the consistency of follow through. Remember, the mind set that was used to get you to the point of lowered performance or illness must now be changed before your conditions will change.

Simply put, facts applied in the same consistent sequence will always give the same end result! The realization is, any and all results are directly proportionate to your adherence and follow through. With over 40+ years of experience, our results ARE typical!