“Doctors Reveal All Quotes / Medical Quotes”

“””The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.“” Doctor. James R. Shannon, former director of”
“the National Institute of Health”

“””There are more quacks in the orthodox profession than there are outside its ranks.”” Dr.”
“J. P. Baldwin”

“””Time was when ovaries were removed by the peck of all sorts of nervous disturbances”
“which had no more to do with the condition of the ovaries than with the changes of the moon… But these organs are still subjected to certain operative procedures for pathological conditions which exist only in the mind of the operator.”” Dr. Barnesby”

“””The uterus is often extirpated (removed) for no apparent reason except the undying”
“fondness of some men for notoriety or money.”” Ibid”

“””Prostatectomy it seems is another fad. Let us hope that the interest shown in the”
“prostate may result in giving a much needed rest to the appendix and the kidney.”” Ibid”
“””Disease is cured by the body itself, not by doctors or remedies.”” John Harvey Kellogg,”

“””The DEATH RATE from smallpox was actually higher among those who had been”
“vaccinated.”” Dr. Viera Scheibner, Australia”

“””It took over three years of research before we looked at each other and said ‘Vaccines”
“are killing babies’.”” Dr Viera Scheibner”

“””It is a well documented fact that the incidence and mortality from infectious diseases”
“fell by 90% well before any vaccine was even introduced… So [the U.S.] mandated vaccination and it resulted in a three-fold increase in whooping cough…”” Dr Viera Scheibner”

“””This is not a rare occurance. Epidemics in fully vaccinated populations are a rule rather”
“than an exception…”” Dr Viera Scheibner”

“””Medicine is a great humbug:- doctors are merely quacks when they are not charlatans.”””
“Dr. Magendie (The great French physician)”

“””We doctors have been talking this medicine stuff into the people till they believe it.”” Dr.”
“Schweningen (Physician to the late Prince Bismark)”

“””…So it was obvious that I, and every other doctor for that matter, had been grossly”
“misled.”” Dr Archie Kalokerinos”

“””…It was clearly shown that the only people who got smallpox TWICE were the”
“vaccinated… You can be LOADED with antibodies and still get, even DIE from the disease…”” Dr Archie Kalokerinos”

“””When the AIDS epidemic started… antibodies, instead of meaning protection, meant”
“that you were doomed. So this concept of antibodies that we were taught is wrong…”” Dr Archie Kalokerinos”

“””Our use of vaccines is not based on good science.”” Dr Archie Kalokerinos”   images

“””Materia Medica is simply a list of drugs and poisons. They are all subversive of organic”
“structure; all incompatible with vital functions; all are antagonistic to living matter; all produce disease.”” Dr. R.T. Thrall”

“””Before he [Louis Pasteur – the ‘father of modern medicine’ and originator of the Germ”
“Theory of disease] died, he changed his mind. He ended up saying it’s not the germ, but the conditions within the body…”” Natural Health Lecturer: Ian Sinclair”

“””Nature alone can cure disease. Doctors cannot heal. They can only direct the sufferer”“back to the pathways of health. Nature alone can create, and healing is re-creation.”” Dr. William S. Sadler”

“””…[my daughter’s] symptoms were intensifying after each vaccine… So I wrote to the”
“governments and got figures…”” “”I realised there was a lot of information that we were being told… which wasn’t true…”” Dr Isaac Golden”

“””Ninety-nine out of a hundred medical facts are medical lies, and medical doctrines are,”
“for the most part, stark, staring nonsense.”” Dr. Gregory (Edinburgh)”

“””Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA. They can be incorporated”“into the human genome…”” Dr Peter Baratosy”

“””Why is it that only since the 40’s have autism and brain damage come about? Because”“this was when immunisation was introduced to a large extent…”” Dr Peter Baratosy”

“””Vaccines are a billion dollar industry, and there are at least a billion good reasons there”“why it’s continued.”” Dr Peter Baratosy”

“””Nature is the curer of disease.”” Hippocrates, (the father of medicine)”

“””Measles had been dying out in Europe, then they started vaccination and it rose again,”“and the thing that had cured measles was better nutrition programs…”” Independant Nurse Practitioner, LISTEN System Practitioner: Pauline Rose”

“””I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people.”” Dr Mark Donohoe”

“””This concept that vaccinated children are some kind of typhoid Mary is just rubbish.”
“We now have a sicker group of children in the community.”” Dr Mark Donohoe”

“””It may be that you only get one chance to make one big mistake… because of the”
“number of people vaccinated if you introduce a pathogen… in a route that the body does not have a protection against.”” Dr Mark Donohoe”

“””There are some doctors who disparagingly say ‘There are some parents who think that”
“just having a healthy child is good enough’. Well the truth is it IS good enough!”” Dr Mark Donohoe”

“””In general, civilization affords chances of misuse of our digestive organs, and it is this”
“difference between natural and civilized living that causes all ill health. In a word these diseases are primarily related to what we call Constipation, the Universal Malady of Modern Times.”” Dr. Paul M. Koonin.D.D.Sc”

“””The coincident abuse of irritant purgative drugs is an additional factor of considerable”
“importance to the cause of colitis, rectal troubles, and ailments of the digestive tract which cause cancer.”” Sir Arbuthnot Lane, Bart., M.D., F.R.S.”

“””They say openly in the [medical] legal system that if you advise against vaccination the”
“A.M.A. will push to deregister.”” Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford”

“””These are symptoms that if they were seen in a child who had not just been vaccinated,”
“all us doctors would be a little concerned that this child perhaps had a type of viral meningitis. We wouldn’t just sit back and say ‘That’s fine. Take some Panadol and it will go away,’ “” Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford”

“””He is the best physician who knows the worthlessness of his own medicine.”””
“PROFESSOR W. M. OSLER, Professor of Medicine, Oxford University”

“””An exceedingly weak point in our profession is its possession of such an enormous”
“array of useless drugs as presented in our Pharmacopoeia. No thinking observer can look over the pages of that book without being appalled at such a collection of nonsense, such a hodge-posh of trash.”” PROFESSOR E. J. BALDWIN, M.D., before the Medical Association, June, 1920″

“””The medical system Is a colossal deception that has filled the world with incurable”
“invalids, of which mines have been emptied of cankering minerals, the intestines of animals taxed for their filth, the poison bags of reptiles drained of their venom, the blood of cats and dogs extracted, and all these with other abominations have been thrust down the throat of gullible human beings.”” Dr. J. M. Good, M.D., F.R.S.”

“””We have no real proof of the boasted effectiveness of any form of anti-toxin or vaccine”“or serum… If such a vaccinated or immunised person contracts the disease which he is supposed to be protected, it is pretty good evidence that such “”protection”” is valueless, isn’t it? Surely people do contract disease against which they are supposed to be immunised, as we all know…. Well, are you satisfied that WE ARE QUACKS? In the eyes of those who are willing to forgot the present prestige of medicine, such as it is, with all its dignity, its scientific jargon, its pratings of altruism, its great endowment, its well heralded “”achievements,”” we are most assuredly quacks, professing to do things we cannot do, and yes, taking money under this pretence.”” Dr. Paul M. Koonin, D.D.Sc.”

“””Unless the doctor of today becomes the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will”“become the doctor of tomorrow.”” Dr. ALEXIS CARROL. (Famous Biological Scientist and head of the Rockefellar Institute.)”

“””Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to”
“modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by”
“inhibiting certain enzyme systems. The exact mechanism of such actions is obscure.”””
“Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943, Editorial.”

“””The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its”“effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is ‘safe’.“” Ludwig Gross, M.D., former Chief of Veterans Administration Cancer Research, Bronx, NY.”

“””A patient cured, is a customer lost.”” Unknown”

“””A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels,”“would be ideal.”” Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine”

“””If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower”“human population levels.”” Prince Philip of Great Britain, leader of World Wildlife Fund”

“””I have thought many times of all of the insane things we have advocated in medicine,”
“that is one of the most insane – to insist on the vaccination of children, or anybody else, for the prevention of smallpox when, as a matter of fact, we are never able to prove that vaccination saved one man from smallpox.”” USA 1937, Dr. William Hay in his address to the Medical Freedom Society on the Lemke bill to abolish compulsory vaccination”

“””Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance; it should”“have no place in either hygiene or medicine…. Believe not in vaccination, it is a world wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.”” Charles Rauta, Professor of Hygiene and Material Medical in the University of Perguia, New York Journal of Medicine in July 1899″

“””Immunization against smallpox is more hazardous than the disease itself.”” Professor Ari”“Zuckerman, a member of the World Health Organization advisory panel on viruses.”

“””It is now accepted that the risks of routine smallpox vaccination outweigh those of” “natural infection in Britain.”” The British medical Journal in January 1976″

“””I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used from”
“smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as that from AIDS (HIV).“” Doctor Robert Gallo a well known AIDS researcher”

“””When the link between unsafe mercury laden vaccine and autism, ADHA, asthma,”
“allergies and diabetes becomes undeniable, mainstream medicine will be sporting a huge, self inflicted and well deserved black eye. Then will come the billion dollar awards, by enraged juries, to the children and their families. I can’t wait””. Dr. Rimland MD”

“””After a careful consideration of the history of vaccination gleaned from an impartial”
“and comprehensive study of vital statistics, and pertinent data from every reliable source, and after an experience derived from having vaccinated 31,000 subjects, I am firmly convinced that vaccination cannot be shown to have any logical relation to the diminution of cases of smallpox.Vaccination does not protect, it actually renders its subjects more susceptible by depressing the vital power and diminishing the natural resistance, and millions of people have died of smallpox which they contracted after being vaccinated”””
“J.W. Hodge MD in his book “”The Vaccination Superstition”””

“””The United States purposefully and intentionally, complemented the “”smallpox”””
“vaccine that went to Africa and the “”Hepatitis B”” vaccine with the HIV virus and that this latter was then given to homosexuals in the United States recruited for that purpose.”” Mr. Graves is a civil rights lawyer and decorated naval veteran”

“””One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the” populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness”” Robert McNamara”