Youth…Summer Sports, the Dangers..


Every summer parents try to get their children of various ages involved in sports programs. Some parents actually believe that most of the so called coaches are actually caring about their kids. WRONG, very wrong, there are as many or more coaches that are there for the money and even worse, there are the coaches that care ”way more about their ego’s” and records of winning!

I have been in the human physical performance business for over forty three years. During that time I have had the chance to know plus watch sports  and the kids that participate. Remember, I have gotten to listen and watch, very carefully to what programs are actually doing or not doing, and for the most part it is about the coach and his or her record of wins! Also remember, I have been one of those kids, and am now one of those coaches!

What I can tell you is this; these programs for the “far greatest part” are “RUINING” our youth’s interest in, participation in, while putting these children’s health and physical futures in danger! Oh, yes, they are not being considered on the physiological levels at all, none, no, nada, and zip!

These coaches do not want to hear, that exercise is an “added stressor” to their young participants, which are usually under nourished, under fed, and their physical bodies are just one part! These children and youngsters are in need of “specific nutritional requirements” for their everyday lives, let alone the requirements for sports stress and the hot weather, and then the ability to meet the requirements for their  ”formative years.”

During my time in my field of physical performance, I have had the extreme pleasure to work with many great athletes. During this career I have also had the awesome responsibility to gain those individuals all kinds of varied levels of increased performance. I have been able to do so, but at the cost and experience of KNOWING WHAT WAS NEEDED, from the materials or nutrient end, plus time or rest!

My job has always been to increase the response mechanisms of the body to facilitate the needed muscle, bone, functions and more. Do these parents or coaches ever even “think of these needs?” Because of the requirements being not present, this leaves these young bodies neglected, and unable to “form” or grow at the rate that should take place, let alone is it truly “healthful?”

Without a coach knowing the nutritional input of these children, what is actually happening is literally “child abuse.” A true professional coach would have considered these things and would have implemented a nutritional component. After all this is about building the child’s confidence, and physical ability. It is about “learning, gaining good solid experiences” for the rest of their lives.

There are many tests that any parent can and should know on “HOW TO TEST” fitness and sports programs for the proper requirements, to be truly healthful and not more stressful. Imagine the child working their hardest to be the best, yet there is this MAJOR ELEMENT MISSING that is preventing them from their goals, how frustrating to the child. They are trying their hardest and being told they can “do it,” yet they cannot seem to get there! My Book “The Great Fitness Fraud” would be one place to start or get a consulting.

Be considering the points of required nutrients, approaches, standards, and watch for over training (pushing) these young aspiring future athletes. How, what, good or bad comes their way, it is going to be a part of their perceptions, for a possible lifetime. Let’s be considerate to make it truly healthfully, and positive!

It is one thing to not know the background nutrition, yet it is very wrong not to promote proper adequate nutrition during exercise or training, let alone participation!

A huge responsibility is that these youngsters are being exposed to mental stress, emotional stress, and the stress is all registered in the “physical body” which should be ready to respond from the physical requirement end!

These children are in their “FORMATIVE” STAGES!

Over work, over stressed, over heated, over pushed, is not the goal, but to be sure that adequate materials for forming the body is present, prior to the needs! This is what has made our clients so successful!

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