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Fitness Programs, weight loss, are not working…..why

Fitness, weight loss are not working

So many programs, so many claims, so many supposed experts, trainers, coaches, yet these programs are failing , and not working, not even a little, why?

There are certifications, yet these certified trainers cannot and do not get measured results on a consistent basis, why?


There are even so called Medical Professionals, called DOCTORS, but they cannot tell us how to PREVENT health problems, yet they can treat us with chemical drugs, that only mask symptoms, with no lasting benefit!

Many so called instructors get into a field of work and do not ever stop to question who is teaching, what are their qualifications. Then these want to be instructor / trainers do not know to evaluate the program they are paying for!  Being an instructor or trainer one would think that the person taking the course would want to gain and education and “experience to be able to deliver high quality of deliverables to their clients! Today because of greed many programs deliver almost nothing, learn more!

Fitness and weight loss programs as well as other types of programs for wellness, exercise, etc. are not based on sound factual planning or are just not engineered for guaranteed success of the participant! Many basic physiological requirements are not know, now implemented, and not put into effective sequences for optimum results!

Engineering actual facts into efficient, effective, and proper order, is a major key for a results oriented program. The clients results should be of major importance, not to mention the health of individuals involved

The problems, and a differing direction are here in this video, if you listen……these basic are the years of research and have been consistently proven, for human physical performance in so many areas like cancer, hep-C, arthritis, weight loss, physical rehab, fitness, sports performance, child nutrition, wellness, and much much more!

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