What – Who – Why – we are and how we get there

Human “Be”-ing, Homo-sapien, A Person……,maybe?

Think about this – we are,… a spirit, … a “be-ing,” …

What are we, who are we, why are we, in this condition or state?

A spirit, a mind, a body, three distinct compartments, “all-dependent on the first,” the spirit, or life force, for continuing here in the physical LIFE! The spirit is the igniter or spark of our motor, the fire, like a flame that burns!

The spirit, is the “animating force,” the energy, the “electrical charge” that determines if we are here, in the physical life!


When the electrical charge stops, or “the heart stops beating,”, this is death, or when the “spirit” leaves!


This energy is similar to magnetism or movement created from attraction or repelling with magnets! This is what causes electrons to circle or move around the “nucleus” of an atomic particle. This is the ionic state!


This circling of electrons moving around the nucleus, at faster or slower rates causes or “creates more or less charge!” As with magnets attracting or repelling!


This is the cause, of positive or negative charge, gaining or slowing due to attraction or repulsion of other atomic particles coming in close contact. This attracting and repelling can cause greater or faster movement of electrons, while others can cause slowing of this movement! Positives and negatives are types of attraction and repelling, as with magnets!


Selflessness or selfishness determine or create positives and negatives! Emotions are seated here in the spirit! EMOTIONS create electrical signals, which cause good or bad, weak or strong electrical signals to the rest of the body from the “positives or negatives” in mind (thoughts) and the spirit!

The body (the physical), (the vehicle) which is made of chemicals, or materials or nutrients if you will, actually are held together by the spirit or electrical charge!


A seriously important fact, is that the body is regenerated or made new down to every cell, every sixteen to eighteen months! Imagine what possibilities this provides!


Our choices of intake quality, determines almost everything regarding our future, simply by the quality, quantity, and frequency of the new materials through what we consume (diet), or absorb! Therefore the quality of our physical condition and ability to be in health, is built from the intake being processed into “reserves” for responses!


These critical “reserves” are made from “accumulated and processed nutrients” that must be ready to respond “prior to” triggering or need!

The mind is the “electrical panel, the directional switch board” for directing current or charge! The mind when we are born is still forming after much of the rest of our physical body has already been formed. When the sperm which was moving, pierces the egg, the electrical charge “is ignited,” or transferred into the egg!


The moving of the sperm could have or did, cause at the least, a static electrical charge and life begins or the spirit and soul are born!


The body has varied stages of development. So it goes somewhat like this, the egg is fertilized, and creates another “spirit and soul,” then the body starts to develop, and during this stage the mind or brain is forming. The mind if you will, is “the recorder, the perceiver,” the justifier, the deceiver, and the sometime reason-er!


This is where strong electrical (spiritual) signals are being sent out, through our electrical system (nerves) to parts of the physical body, which can cause stress, worry, excitement, anger, sympathy, joy, etc.!

The “PERSONA,” yes the WHO, WHAT, and WHY, of what we are “existing as,” starts forming here! All of our being is or gets influenced here by the “perceived ideas, facts and or actual experiences, along with added thoughts or perceptions!”


Observe, we can have a bad, selfish, mean, dark, evil thought, that is then transferred by nerves into and through out our physical body! The intensity of those thoughts are turned into impulses. These impulses determine or create disturbances within areas of the physical man as stressors, negatives, or it could be as positives!


Our thoughts can be turned into attitudes or emotions that are the beginning of a “DIS-EASE,” a dis/ease, a condition of imbalance, or an “un- rest” at the cellular level!


So, our “thoughts are either positive or negative,” which is an electrical signal, which can be fueled by or turned into a strong emotion. This emotion which elevates or gets stronger, can become an internal disturbance, which, can then cause an un-rest or dis-ease, at the cellular level. “If this unrest is continued,” it can become a constant sickness or chronic condition!

A sickness “is defined as,” illness, disease, ailment, complaint, malady, indisposition!

“Chronic” is defined as, constant, ceaseless, persistent, long lasting!

Where health starts is, with ideas, thoughts, and emotions. All, are either good or bad, dark or light, positive or negative, that effect and affect our physical body through their progressions and this is all about our choices, in most cases!

So, what are your thoughts, what do you meditate on, where do you go, what do you do, who do you hang with, what is your conversation on. So where are you headed?

Hippocrates said it best, simply, and in depth,It is more important to know what sort of man has a disease, that to know what sort of disease the man has!” This statement concerns the “whole” three part man! This statement clearly shows us why modern medicine is failing! This statement shows, that the cause of dis-ease can only be truly reached, when the whole being is cared for at the proper depth or completeness!

This is the difference in getting well, being truly healed, or “being treated with disease management for someone’s financial rewards!”


It is my personal opinion, “that financial rewards usually out weigh, the higher good, and that basic logic is dismissed!”

____________________________©copyright Bert Seelman 2016


We are being duped…YES duped from the minute we start grade school all the way through college! We are entertained, groomed, conditioned to believe the GREAT LIES!

Too many people refuse out of ARROGANCE (arrogance is, ”contempt prior to investigation”) meaning, there is the ability to have health, know there is healing for “any condition” no matter what some so called educated idiot says! People can be disease free, but most will not OPEN THEIR SMALL LITTLE MINDS!

We can be healthy, we can be healed, prescription drug free, and more, but not with a CLOSED MIND!


I see people every day who RADICALLY CHANGE THEIR CONDITION! From obese to lean and thin, from sick, ill, and medicated to healed without any medications for the rest of their lives! BUT, BUT, it takes being open minded, and the addition of willing to “MAKE AN EFFORT!”


People are LIMITED ONLY by the state of mind they create or allow!


IF you want HEALTH, IF you truly want change from over weight, to over sick, it is possible, but be willing to “do what it takes!”


Hippocrates said, IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT SORT OF MAN, has the disease, than to know what sort of disease the man has!

This statement shows “that we create most all of our own health issues! So why not be open, learn and have a better life!

THINK, if what we were doing got us sick, we can change what we are doing, and move in a more positive direction receiving positive effects, it is up to us!


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