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FITNESS, FACTS, what are you getting?

Exercise, weight loss, fitness, health clubs, and wellness programs…….what are you getting???

Facts, not feelings… Measured results, not maybe’s? Engineered successes, not guessing?

Thinner leaner, stronger, healthier, are all realities, if  your trainer, gym, or instructors are factually based and actually applying the facts to “engineer” our success.

Way too many people, are going to the gym and using non fact based methods and supposed techniques that do not and will not get the desired results they are seeking! In today’s world of information we should be getting the results we desire, and not wasting our time, efforts, and money, let alone damaging our health!

What should a person expect, if the facts are being used with knowledge and understanding?

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1. You weight should be taken or monitored on a daily basis

2. Your measurements should be taken at least every 3 weeks.

3. Your pictures should be taken every 3weeks.

4. An accurate body composition taken every 3 weeks. (Such as near infra red light)

5. A strength or performance test or descending heart rate test every 3 – 4 weeks.

6. Checks on resting and working heart rates should be done regularly to check recovery.

7. If wellness is desired, blood sugar levels should be check regularly as well as blood
chemistry every three to four weeks. (Eight weeks minimum)

8. Progressions in workouts should be constantly monitored and regulated.

NOTE: IF you are not getting the above monitored, why not? Why? Because those selling the program are unlearned, not understanding basic’s, afraid of “not being able to actually produce results!”

If a program is based with facts and knowledge predictable results should be expected.
Too many programs are not based on facts, but based on “supposed methods” of what’s has been seen, done, and considered the norm!

By observing what is done within the so called “box” of fitness program norms one will observe that’s measurable results are a rarity and not the norm! Why? Why results are not the norm is because individuals are not held to standards even with trainer certifications there are no applied facts and methods set up to ensure the client or customer gets their desired results!

Real facts applied in the correct and consistent manner will gain the same “results” each and every time! If you are not getting measurable consistent results someone is inept, uneducated, unqualified or just plain misleading!

For over 43 years in the field of physical human performance, with health at he focal point my client’s results have been predictable, measurable, consistent, maintainable, and repeatable!
Most programs sadly say their clients advertised results “are not typical,” where as my clients “results are typical!”

Test, verify, constantly record and document what is happening, after all it is your efforts, time, money, and health that is at risk!


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