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Weight Loss or FAT loss….ONLY?

Weight Loss – actual FAT LOSS ONLY?

Most weight loss programs lose almost half lean muscle while trying to lose fat, slowing metabolism….!!!

Most weight loss programs are just “weight loss” not ONLY FAT LOSS…….

Most weight loss programs are not proven through multiple tests like body composition test and being Diabetic Safe!”

IMAGINE, eating more food while losing more fat!

EXERCISING LESS while gaining more lean muscle for increased metabolism!

LEARNING a true lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

ONLY FAT LOSS, proven by accurate body composition tests regularly!

NO HUNGER, because blood sugar balance is maintained

NO CRAVINGS, because supplements to ensure adequate nutrition is maintained

DIABETIC SAFE, many clients reduce many medications because of health improvements!

LEAN MUSCLE GAIN, exercise is brief, effective, correct and minimized for your lifestyle.

LIFESTYLE METHODS THAT LAST, over 40+ years off proven results

IMPROVED HEALTH, our programs are physician endorsed.

OUR CLIENTS HAVE LOST FAT AND LEARNED TO “KEEP IT OFF” through learning to make choices, even while on the go….


Medical weight loss by lipo-suction, surgery or lap band and such techniques are only a temporary fix!  Blockers, for fats, and carb’s is another form of temporary solution. The solution to fat loss is to learn a dietary program that can give education and true control to the individual with understanding.

So why not get true control over your total health while losing those unwanted pounds of fat?

Beware, most individuals use the emotions for desiring an immediate loss, which backfires and disappoints. Use logic and plan, investigate, research, and know what you are really going to get for the long term! It is your life and health you are dealing with! Check our other articles and book for help that will last!

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