Is It Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Money Loss….or A Total Loss?

Is it weight loss, fat loss or MONEY LOSS…..or a total loss?

Weight loss, the biggest money game in health and fitness, and it is not about health either!

Weight loss is usually about that overwhelming desire to be thinner, slimmer, trimmer, leaner and or “looking fit” NOW! Beware for the services seeking to help, money is too often the motivator!

As I wrote about it in my book, “The Great Fitness Fraud,” weight loss is usually “finally triggered” by one of three things slapping us into reality giving us true vision and that old reality check. I came to notice excess weight or fat is not quickly put on, nor happens overnight, not literally anyway! Extreme excess weight or fat is accumulated by several factors compounding additional weight gain!

The reality of excessive gain is it came about through NOT having a baby, nor the in-laws coming for a visit, nor was it the holidays, nor was it anything except “a person’s desires to have what they want, when they want it, and of course HOW they want it. It is about mental or physical sensations, and obsessions. Again, so called services for weight loss are about their money!

The three main motivators which trigger the individual to get going or make a move to lose the weight or fat are first, going to the closet to go somewhere special to wear, realizing there are “no clothes that work,” or meaning the person realizes they are up yet another size! Of course the reality of what they have been doing or not doing, has just now come home to their reality.

The next motivator is going to a party or social event where some person took a picture of them and they show the individual the picture. All of us are guilty of not always seeing something about ourselves. But the idea of not being able to see ourselves the way others see us, is best captured on a video or in a photo. When this person sees the reality in the picture, that inner shock of “the true image” is or can be a profound jolt.

The third way individuals seem to be greatly effected is the one that can be the most shocking. It is when they are at the Doctor’s office and the Doctor says, “this is about living or dying.” This is usually the strongest motivator and is even often not heard at the level needed, sad yet true.

Now let us consider the truth of what is desired here, which is usually emotionally decided. It is, “Oh my Gawd,” I have to do something right now! That drive from fear, disgust, frustration, shame, guilt or whatever, comes almost every time out of an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. The decision is almost always emotionally driven, rather than one from a good, sound, logical, practical, planned, and referenced place.

This emotional decision drives us to immediate action, therefore all critical considerations are out the window so to speak. What most of these individuals do is something, anything, and they tend to do it right now. This emotionally driven immediate decision is what every weight loss business gears its marketing towards. This is why there are so many long term failures in these programs. It is about the businesses’ money and not the client’s long term benefit or about the client’s health. That is the reason why there are so many programs, all guaranteeing more weight loss, yet if actually looked at almost all are failures and lack keeping it off!

NOTE : Considerations for finding a true weight (FAT) loss program

1) Stop, breathe, slow down and let the emotion, panic or whatever subside.

2) Does the program you want, have proven long term success?

3) Does the program guarantee only fat is lost and not lean? (They should prove this through N.I.R. body composition or hydrostatic weighing.)

4) Does the program guarantee no cravings because nutrients are balanced ?

5) Does the program guarantee no hunger because blood sugar is balanced?

6) Is this program “diabetic safe” meaning it is physician endorsed? When a program is diabetic safe, and has tested proof, you are on a better course!

7) Does this program teach the basics of learning the whats, whys, and hows so that                                                            its clients learn a lifestyle to keep the weight off?

Too often individuals make hasty decisions leaving them without the tools to take charge of their health! BEWARE of programs offering fast visible external results without verified tested proof!

Fast visible external results can cause long term internal debilitating problems!

A program should teach facts, be motivating, do a lot of explaining, and especially be able to forecast progress ! A quality program will have many examples of success, with many long term examples to check with!

In other words, it is supplying the information to cause value judgments and changes within a person’s value system to continue good decisions and prevent future problems.

Beware, taking time to truly evaluate what you will be getting, it’s about your long term  health!

Our clients lose a pant or dress size every 2-3 weeks, ONLY FAT IS LOST, proven by accurate body composition every 2-3 weeks, plus blood sugar is balance being diabetic safe! There is also our common complaint that our clients cant hardly eat all the food!

On top of all this they are learning a lifestyle!


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