Understanding of Disease, Sickness, and Obesity

Understanding of  Disease, Sickness, and Obesity

Dis/ ease  =     unrest at the cellular level  (not at ease)  usually from lack of required nutrients or materials, imbalance

Sickness  =   the advanced state of disease or dis/ease The result of not fixing the disease accurately or completely

Obesity   =   grossly fat,  cause:    a) too many calories, repeatedly

b) failure to learn or accept causes

The above is a result of one’s consistent “choices” and or actions.

It is not luck, or chance, it is by choice, or one’s personal decisions!

I want, I think, I feel, and I believe are the main excuses. (these statements above are not necessarily fact, they are usually perceptions added to emotions)

If you know someone suffering from disease, sickness, or obesity and they truly want long term effective answers, they are available!

If you know people suffering from disease, sickness, and obesity and you “really care”, you’ll tell them about getting help – unless you are really sick!

Remember…..when individuals are constantly sick, they choose it.

Either through actions or inactions…..inaction is also an action!

Constant sickness is an “attention getting device”.



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We have the awesome ability to overcome sickness and chronic illness by renewing ourselves through improved nutrition, supplementation, and moderate exercise! Because our body is constantly exchanging cells! We must learn, take action, and responsibility for our health!

For over 43+ years I have seen first hand what is possible, both for the slothful, and for the mindful! We have been duped by the Big Pharmaceutical Corporations, their minions the Medical Field, their egos, and selfish desires for fame and fortune! God gave man the natural answers and means to maintain health!

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