The Whole Man… the 3 Part Being

Spirit – the real being, the animating force, the will– (good / bad), emotions, the sense’s kept here

Body – the spiritual being’s house, shell, or vehicle, used to perform the missions of the spiritual being

Mind – the conscious, not the brain, registers experiences of the body, the justification maker for immediate gratification, perceptions

Progression of formation:

egg + sperm = being – a spirit first, then the body forms, then the mind forms, then experiences register.

The spirit “wills” the body to health (life)…..GOD says (to perform the spirits mission)

The mind is willing….??? ( to do what’s convenient or immediately gratifying, not what is always right)

So, the body is killed… by or because of what is easy, convenient, cheap, or immediately gratifying.

The body must receive what is “required” if it is to be replenished, restored, and or revitalized to live long enough to contain the spirit being, to fulfill its desired or required mission.

The body can be renewed, regenerated to a virtually new physical structure by cell replacement. The body replaces every cell approximately every sixteen to eighteen months. This replacement of cells comes from our nutrition or diet. Health is not lost, it is sacrificed on the altar of the cheap, fast, easy, and the immediate!

Health is an earned state, it is in direct proportion to an individual’s desire and participation. The length and quality of one’s life is determined by the individuals respect for the spirit within it! One’s “will” good or bad is shown or known by the care of one’s health.


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