Fat, fear of failure at losing, the long term answers

REALIZE, that most all programs have failed people, thats right, the programs lack facts, methods, answers and adequate testing! If more programs had more facts they would test, and prove as we do, that ONLY […]

Sports Performance

With Youth and Youth Sports We train the professionals, and we develop complete, “comprehensive,” tested, proven programs, for those aspiring to go to any level! Sports usually are about or bring about, the desire for excelling, usually not […]

Nutrition, Diet, Supplementation

Nutrition + Diet    Diet,  Fat Loss,  Weight Gain (lean), and  Supplementation  Our programs actually “test and prove more accuracy, so only is fat lost, while lean is gained!” Our programs improve blood chemistry panels in just weeks! NUTRITION – DIET […]

“MEDICINE” – the beginning of “HURTING”

“MEDICINE” – the beginning of “HURTING” People do not think! (it takes too much of an effort) At least not adequately, often enough, or with any degree of consciousness and forget logic, for the most...

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