Small Children, Drunks, and Yoga-Pants…..

Little children, drunks, and Yoga-pants…. I saw a sign the other day with the glaring truth and it said: Only three things “tell the truth – little children, drunk persons, and Yoga-Pants!” Let’s look at […]


WONDER, WONDER, WONDER, …   what you appear like to others ???   HERES REALITY, straight up, exactly what and how you look to others!   THIS…. “THE  SWIM SUIT TEST”…….,…PERIOD… NO GUESSING!   HOW I […]

FAT Is Not….

FAT Is Not… FACT: Fat Is Not… pretty, acceptable, likable, beautiful, beneficial, or healthful! The world today is desperately trying to be politically correct, not, no, wrong, lying, insensible, and utterly ridiculous! Saying that fat, big, […]

Weight Loss or Fat Loss…..

Weight Loss or Fat Loss….. What is lost, why loss stops, and why… WHY MOST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS FAIL – SEE us….do it once, and learn it for life,,,,, But then most LIKE BEING right […]

Making It Happen- results

Making It Happen- results This article was written some years ago, however it still applies, and is still true! However today it it even more difficult for people to be truly honest. True honesty is […]

Fat, fear of failure at losing, the long term answers

REALIZE, that most all programs have failed people, thats right, the programs lack facts, methods, answers and adequate testing! If more programs had more facts they would test, and prove as we do, that ONLY […]

THE “BRUTAL, yet LOVING TRUTH” of health….

THE “BRUTAL, yet LOVING TRUTH” of health…. Your PHYSICAL state or condition is the absolute REAL STATE of your spiritual condition! OK, you want PROOF? HERE IT IS… A person who goes to church, talks […]