ACCOUNTABILITY, the missing ingredient, and requirement

ACCOUNTABILITY – THE MISSING INGREDIENT…, THE ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT…   Fat, flabby, soft, unfit, sickly, lazy, tired, depressed…it’s your decisions, actions or lack of actions, and your diet.   The vast majority of people have never, […]

Sickness, Overweight, Obese…. Self Will Run Riot…

Continued Sickness, Overweight, Obese, All Self-caused…. Accountability is the issue! Why is it, most everyone seems to want others to somehow “understand,” you know, understand how ”they are not responsible” because they are sick or […]

MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME, the three part man

THE THREE PART MAN –  MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME……              ALL  THINGS  are “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…         THEY ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE TWO  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT       […]

There Is Only Two Types of Exercise…

THERE ARE ONLY TWO TYPES OF EXERCISE…   Defective or Ego Self centered exercise, or Measurable, and Factual based proven Exercise.   Yes, everyone has their favorite, their preferred way of moving around to call […]

DIABETES –TYPE 2, Beyond A Wish, “Actual HOPE, NOW!”

DIABETES –TYPE 2, Beyond A Wish, “Actual HOPE, NOW!”   The “self caused, self inflicted, self controllable, easily fixed,” health problem that usually ends up being, an attention getter…   Like it….if not, too bad, […]