OBESITY – the self-evident, SUICIDE

OBESITY –  the self-evident, SUICIDE   OBSERVATION – NO, THIS IS – SELF EVIDENT – THE BLATANT TRUTH BLATANT  DEFINED = ( of bad behavior ) – done openly, unashamedly Overweight, fat, obese, etc., IS […]

SEQUENCE, Reducing, For Increasing

Many often wonder why they got ill!   Many have as it seems, all the answers as to why they become sick or ill.   Until most stop, think, and evaluate what really causes illness, […]

Exercising, Training, and… Doing More Damage…!

Training, Exercising, and …..Doing more damage….?   Frustration is quite “common to exercise enthusiasts, “when results don’t happen or are slow to be seen or tested!   When exercising,  being committed and consistent, and results […]


PRICE POINT JUSTIFICATION Remember, ResultsAreProof.com Bert Seelman’s whole idea, concept, commitment, was and is to “deliver” a program of quality health, improved physical performance, and extended length of life! Just selling programs, and making money […]


LIMITED THINKING – It Has A COST…. Regarding Bert Seelman’s “ResultsAreProof.com”… NO Limited Thinking… Limited thinking, Stops ALL POSSIBILITIES – ALL Limited thinking, Stops ALL Possible Success’s… Limited thinking Stops ALL Progress in Everything… OUR […]

EGO or INTELLIGENCE – almost New Years Resolution Time…..

Ego or Intelligence, ….it’s New Years resolution time, ….. People go around telling everyone how they are into health! Most people are flat out deluded, laughable, funny, actually stupid! People brag about their exercise programs […]