Cruelty, proof people actually like it….

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….   (an old article but a meaningful one, that’s becoming more common)   Cruelty, what is it, when is it, who’s getting it, who’s causing it, and who’s accepting […]


NATURAL REMEDIES…. WHY THEY DO, and DO NOT WORK….. SUPPLEMENTS, HERBS, VITAMINS… Reality in Applications   SO, why do they work for one, and not for another!   VARIABLES….FACTOR’S NOT CONSIDERED…….   LEARN why some […]

Health, Healing, Medicine

Health, Healing, and Medicine Healing or Cured When we are sick, weak, in pain, suffering from a disease or whatever, most want “relief” and it is usually desired right now. Alright, we all want any irritation, pain, […]

Understanding of Disease, Sickness, and Obesity

Understanding of  Disease, Sickness, and Obesity Dis/ ease  =     unrest at the cellular level  (not at ease)  usually from lack of required nutrients or materials, imbalance Sickness  =   the advanced state of disease or dis/ease […]

Exercise – Facts required for optimum results.

One set of an exercise is adequate, if the exercise is pushed to a point of stimulus for response or momentary muscular failure. More is actually unnecessary and only wastes recovery ability slowing progress! If […]

Exercise Made Effective

EXERCISE MADE EFFECTIVE   Common sense + logic “vs.” perception Your exercise or workouts are only effectual if  it is physiologically correct  1) The whole body is worked in one session. The body is a […]

Fitness and Health, WHO’S STUPID, the lies and truths

Programs, fitness, diet, exercise, health, trend after trend, year after year, it never stops! Yes a new, better, super, faster, etc., etc., please stop, think, and watch! The reason these things continue is due to […]