ACCOUNTABILITY, the missing ingredient, and requirement

ACCOUNTABILITY – THE MISSING INGREDIENT…, THE ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT…   Fat, flabby, soft, unfit, sickly, lazy, tired, depressed…it’s your decisions, actions or lack of actions, and your diet.   The vast majority of people have never, […]


Thoughts on Today’s Health   HEALTH – INSURANCE  OR  ASSURANCE ==================   HEALTH INSURANCE OR “ASSURANCE”   INSURANCE – YOU get to BUY IT, ASSURANCE – REQUIRES efforts to prevent the problems   “THEY” (man […]


FLU, COLDS, INFECTIONS……ANTIBIOTICS, the Dirty, Huge Misconceptions, and what you should know…..   The lies we have all believed for their profit and our true loss……..   FOR MORE INFO – Bert Seelman […]

The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick…

The TERRIBLE TRUTH of the SICK and Being Sick… Sickness is a later stage of “disease,”   “dis-ease” is or equals “unrest” at the cell level! You are a brand new person physically, down to every […]

How to beat the “HEALTH CARE COST’S”….

How to beat the HEALTH CARE COSTS! ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013 Insurance too high, but you have to have some insurance, right? Insurance, especially “health” insurance is a major cost to most all! First, let’s […]

HEALTH, Are You Missing A Part…

Health, are you missing a part??? Health, what is it, and do you “really” truly want to know? Most “think they want it,” many “say they want it,” however “very, very, few” actually seek it, […]

ANTIBIOTICS – What most people do not know…..

ANTIBIOTICS – What most people do not know….. The common medical model is not what our Creator had in mind! People are actually herded like the sheeple most are, into being “slanted” in their thinking […]

HEALING, why not,…..Wellness, why not…..?

Healing, Why Not, …  Wellness, Why Not,…? Incurable IT’S NOT!                                                                          Our body is an “electrical chemical being, ” hopefully with a “mind”  in a somewhat working order! The mind is the component of our […]

MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME, the three part man

THE THREE PART MAN –  MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME……              ALL  THINGS  are “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…         THEY ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE TWO  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT       […]