EXERCISE PROGRAMS……EGO’S, INEPT, and INSECURE Instructors… or lack of critical basic facts!   FACTS and proper applications are what always get results!   Lack of results for month after month, for those people working out […]


FITNESS – nope -wrong- “MOSTLY  FRAUDS”   Enough already, how stupid can people make themselves look? I’ve been in the health and human physical performance field for over 45 years, and it is far more […]

Weight Loss or Fat Loss…..

Weight Loss or Fat Loss….. What is lost, why loss stops, and why… WHY MOST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS FAIL – SEE us….do it once, and learn it for life,,,,, But then most LIKE BEING right […]

Fitness and Health, WHO’S STUPID, the lies and truths

Programs, fitness, diet, exercise, health, trend after trend, year after year, it never stops! Yes a new, better, super, faster, etc., etc., please stop, think, and watch! The reason these things continue is due to […]

New Website (web site), Thank You

THANKS, and Thanks again,  to those who have been to our new website….!!! resultsareproof.com We are in process of adding new, more and even better information! In the past year we have grown not just […]

programs for fitness, imagine – REALITY

IMAGINE, Fitness Programs, THIS IS REALITY… RESULTS So what does your workout, gym, class, trainer, coach, weight loss program include, exclude, impart, provide or lack, specialize in, supposed to deliver, and what have you actually […]