MEDICINE, the beginning of Hurting…

“MEDICINE” the beginning of “HURTING”  People do not think! At least not adequately, often enough, or with any degree of consciousness for the most part! Notice, I did not say “all people.” When most are […]

PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS – Fraud for extortion, fact

 FRAUD for EXTORTION…. Copyright Bert Seelman 2016 The Medical field is heinous, beyond cruel, beyond evil, and knowingly so! Man is a chemical (nutrients), electrical (spirit) being. Man is a new being having all cells […]

the NEW ERA drug dealer and drug addict…..

In today’s world we are supposed to have the most knowledge ever. Of course “they” say that. By the way, who the heck are “they,” anyway? In today’s world we are supposed to live longer, […]