REALITY – what are Health Programs really about,,,?

Reality, what are health programs really about…. Health is the bottom line, period; however fitness, sports, exercise, diet, training, is all a “front word.” Why do I write, what I write, why do I put […]


“The new era “drug dealer” ….and the new era “drug addict!” In today’s world we are supposed to have the most knowledge, ever. Of course, “they,” say that.  By the way, who the heck are […]

Morals, Motives, and Values….Words and Curves…

MORALS, VALUES, AND MOTIVES…..or “Words and CURVES” This has to do with more observations in “the three part man” spirit, body, and mind” The morals and motives……true meanings!!!! Words that can throw curves….at least in […]

The Three Part Man,… morals, motives, and me….

THE THREE PART MAN – MORALS,… MOTIVES, ME……              ALL  THINGS  ARE   “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…..         ALL THINGS  ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT                      Everything, […]

WEIGHT LOSS – is it about FAT or MONEY…

WEIGHT LOSS – Is it about FAT or MONEY… Weight loss, “the biggest money game in health and fitness,” and it is not about health either! Weight loss is usually about that overwhelming desire to […]

the WHOLE MAN -spirit,body,mind – the inward seen outward

the WHOLE MAN – spirit, body, mind, the inward, seen outward Our inward man is “seen,” outwardly….. (Intent is everything)                                    ©Copyright 2011 Bert Seelman The Spirit – true being – life force – animator The […]

MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME, the three part man

THE THREE PART MAN –  MORALS, MOTIVES, and ME……              ALL  THINGS  are “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…         THEY ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE TWO  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT       […]

FOOD For Thought, or Watching The “Nuts” Grow

FOOD FOR THOUGHT…..or watching the nuts grow! Or the non-sense of peoples sense? Or REALLY! FOOD FOR THOUGHT……or things to think about, gained from constant observations of people and their problems! _________________________ GOD  says , […]