Health, fast dramatic changes for any condition possible….

HEALTH,  fast, dramatic changes, for ANY CONDITION is POSSIBLE…. LISTEN UP, this video should give anyone with any condition HOPE! Our bodies are an amazing CREATION! We as individuals can through knowledge make incredible changes […]


  Health or “Hell-th (It’s either or) So Choose… It is in your control…. (Get the facts of how and why) Vitality or Sickness It’s not your DNA (proven, tested, typical) It’s your diet, stupid!…. […]

The “I KNOW” EXPERTS…..those that say this

The EXPERTS… you know… Those that say, “I KNOW”…. Don’t you just hate it? You know, when you say something or want to put a point across, and some blithering idiot (self proclaimed experts) just […]

Your Health…….you made it….

Your Health…..”you made it” a reminder of YOUR part in it….   Your HEALTH, You Made It   Reality will change for many, right here, right now, in this article!   Fact, the human being […]

REALITY – what are Health Programs really about,,,?

Reality, what are health programs really about…. Health is the bottom line, period; however fitness, sports, exercise, diet, training, is all a “front word.” Why do I write, what I write, why do I put […]


The GENETICS LIES…… PROOF! We have all been lied to about the types of problems we experience! I have always known that we have greater potential as God created us in love and completeness! Please […]


SO YOU BELIEVE THE CURRENT MEDICAL MODEL CARES FOR YOU…..WAKE UP IDIOTS IT IS BIG BUSINESS ….. Home > GOVERNMENT, United States > U.S. Law Allows Chemical and Biological Testing On Populace U.S. Law Allows […]

MEDICINE, the beginning of Hurting…

“MEDICINE” the beginning of “HURTING”  People do not think! At least not adequately, often enough, or with any degree of consciousness for the most part! Notice, I did not say “all people.” When most are […]