The Right Information….for Health, Diet,Exercise…

Healthy, fit, thin…..yea right…..WE ALL WANT IT… It’s a pipe dream for most, because it is most always a “SELL JOB.” Promises, promises, promises…..that’s what all these so called diets exercise and health programs promise. […]

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….   (an old article but a meaningful one, that’s becoming more common)   Cruelty, what is it, when is it, who’s getting it, who’s causing it, and who’s accepting […]


Support + Service Information, Direction, Instruction, Answers, Motivation, A Live Person, when needed, all of these and more, in various available methods! Support – it’s why the program started! Support is what the program was […]

Certifications, and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ?

Certifications, and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ? Logic, about exercise, trainers, coaches, gym’s or health clubs and clients, and who’s stupid? Ever ask why: “why someone picked” a certain trainer, or “why they picked” a certain...

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