metabolism – how to improve it….

METABOLISM – EVERYONE WANTS A FASTER METABOLISM,… this video explains some of the critical points to help anyone “change their metabolism” or make it more efficient! Listen Carefully, even your Dr. or Endocrinologist doesn’t explain […]

exercise – the real meaning

Regarding your results from exercise…….. Exercise is usually and most often misunderstood!misunderstood – Exercise- exercise is the deciding factor of what “level of performance” you want to be at. Exercise is a triggering, a stimulus […]

LIFE and HEALTH, how to sustain it, the critical needs

 Life and Health Sustainability, critical considerations! Facts and considerations: © copyright 2008 Bert Seelman 1. The human body grows a new stomach lining every 4 days, a new layer of skin every 28 days, and […]

Water and oxygen a different view……..

Water and oxygen a different view…….. ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013 Hydrated, dehydrated, or energized, charged it is all related…… Are you all wet……? Ever heard that statement? Well there is some serious thought that should […]

FITNESS, it is “NOT Fit,”

FITNESS, it is “NOT Fit,” … HEALTH is actually “HELL-th,” … Ever notice people start programs, change programs, continue search for a “new program” and WHY? Why, because actual measured, tested, proven results are “EXTREMELY...

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Mercenary or Medicine?

Mercenary or Medicine?                                                                                ©COPYRIGHT 2011 BERT SEELMAN What is about to be presented is or should be obvious to most. However many prefer to “go along with” or turn a blind eye to! The...

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