The “HOLE”…

“The Hole”….   The Hole, that starts every illness…..   The Hole …. that prevents healing, every time… Why not heal everything? Why do some get it, and why do some not? It is all […]

ACCOUNTABILITY, the missing ingredient, and requirement

ACCOUNTABILITY – THE MISSING INGREDIENT…, THE ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT…   Fat, flabby, soft, unfit, sickly, lazy, tired, depressed…it’s your decisions, actions or lack of actions, and your diet.   The vast majority of people have never, […]

OBESITY – the self-evident, SUICIDE

OBESITY –  the self-evident, SUICIDE   OBSERVATION – NO, THIS IS – SELF EVIDENT – THE BLATANT TRUTH BLATANT  DEFINED = ( of bad behavior ) – done openly, unashamedly Overweight, fat, obese, etc., IS […]


CONSTIPATION – THE WAITING GAME For – Possibilities for gaining movement in a natural way. See our website for more info and programs. Constipation is a serious problem, it usually is stemming from several factors […]