SO YOU BELIEVE THE CURRENT MEDICAL MODEL CARES FOR YOU…..WAKE UP IDIOTS IT IS BIG BUSINESS …..   Home > GOVERNMENT, United States > U.S. Law Allows Chemical and Biological Testing On Populace U.S. Law […]

MEDICINE, the beginning of Hurting…

“MEDICINE” the beginning of “HURTING”  People do not think! At least not adequately, often enough, or with any degree of consciousness for the most part! Notice, I did not say “all people.” When most are […]

FOOD, the direct effect….

FOOD, HOW MUCH DOES IT MATTER…. Whether a person is a “creationist or evolutionist” one of the most important factors to maintain longevity, physical performance, maintenance, and life in general is beware of “what goes […]

Morals, Motives, and Values….Words and Curves…

MORALS, VALUES, AND MOTIVES…..or “Words and CURVES” This has to do with more observations in “the three part man” spirit, body, and mind” The morals and motives……true meanings!!!! Words that can throw curves….at least in […]

Health, Who’s Stupid….

Health, Who’s Stupid ?   Imagine, a person starts to feel ill, so it continues, they start to feel even worse, so they go to the Doctor! This is the usual accepted mode of progression […]

The Three Part Man,… morals, motives, and me….

THE THREE PART MAN – MORALS,… MOTIVES, ME……              ALL  THINGS  ARE   “JUDGED”  OR  “EVALUATED,”…..         ALL THINGS  ARE  DETERMINED  BY  THESE  IN  SIMPLICITY…..                                              MOTIVE and  or                                             INTENT                      Everything, […]


Thoughts on Today’s Health   HEALTH – INSURANCE  OR  ASSURANCE ==================   HEALTH INSURANCE OR “ASSURANCE”   INSURANCE – YOU get to BUY IT, ASSURANCE – REQUIRES efforts to prevent the problems   “THEY” (man […]

WEIGHT LOSS – is it about FAT or MONEY…

WEIGHT LOSS – Is it about FAT or MONEY… Weight loss, “the biggest money game in health and fitness,” and it is not about health either! Weight loss is usually about that overwhelming desire to […]

Sickness, Overweight, Obese…. Self Will Run Riot…

Continued Sickness, Overweight, Obese, All Self-caused…. Accountability is the issue! Why is it, most everyone seems to want others to somehow “understand,” you know, understand how ”they are not responsible” because they are sick or […]