“The new era “drug dealer” ….and the new era “drug addict!” In today’s world we are supposed to have the most knowledge, ever. Of course, “they,” say that.  By the way, who the heck are […]

The H.C.G. Diet…or Die-t’s in General

The “H.C.G. DIET “or, DIE-t’s In General H C G – O M G – B F D                                                 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, simply put, urine from a pregnant woman! Oh My Goodness will people do anything? Big Freakin Deal, yes […]

Addiction, the obvious at a glance

Addiction…….the obvious at a glance! People are a three part being, Spirit, body and mind. The spirit is given at the moment the sperm enters the egg (conception).  After the Spirit is given, then the […]

ADDICTION, A Different View and Approach….

ADDICTION, the Mishandling, Mismanagement, and A Better Approach…. Addiction –  definition of my own  —– the “my own dictionary” dictionary or “BERTISM” Addiction – is the “compulsive action” of reducing any bad feeling or stress,  […]

ADDICTION / Balance, a better understanding and treatment…

LEARN TO LOOK DEEPER….listen carefully…. ADDICTION / Balance – a BETTER UNDERSTANDING…..a BETTER TREATMENT………it is in more things than drugs and Treatment is Badly Lacking……. FOR MORE INFO – Bert Seelman Results Are Proof The […]