Fat, Fear, and Failure……… Fat, fat loss, or weight loss is the strong motivator for most beginning fitness enthusiasts. Fat or weight loss is the actual goal of so-called weight loss programs. Fat is a […]

HEALTH, Are You Missing A Part…

Health, are you missing a part??? Health, what is it, and do you “really” truly want to know? Most “think they want it,” many “say they want it,” however “very, very, few” actually seek it, […]

FAT….Feeling Bad, and Looking Worse….?

FAT,…. LOOKING BAD, and FEELING  WORSE…. Bad decisions are usually the whole problem. Yes sickness, fat, and moody are all from one’s own decisions, because we usually want to “just take it easy!” (comfort and […]

ADDICTION, A Different View and Approach….

ADDICTION, the Mishandling, Mismanagement, and A Better Approach…. Addiction –  definition of my own  —– the “my own dictionary” dictionary or “BERTISM” Addiction – is the “compulsive action” of reducing any bad feeling or stress,  […]

Weight Loss or FAT loss….ONLY?

Weight Loss – actual FAT LOSS ONLY? Most weight loss programs lose almost half lean muscle while trying to lose fat, slowing metabolism….!!! Most weight loss programs are just “weight loss” not ONLY FAT LOSS……. […]