Sports are usually for being, showing, demonstrating, and competing, on or for a “higher lever of performance!

Sports usually are about or bring about “the desire for excelling, not just participating!”

Our idea of sports is definitely not from the outside in……!

What Limits Sports Performance….

To excel in sports there are several “limiting factors.” The most prevalent or most limiting factor is usually “EGO!”

We call the word Ego, an abbreviation for, “Edging God Out!” “Ego usually does not allow input,” unless liked. Ego does not usually allow humility. Ego is almost always believing “IT” knows all.

Providing Ego “is NOT the ruling entity” but if Intelligence along with humility, confidence, and logic are present, major improvements can be realized, even on a constant and continuing basis!

There is a “misguide belief” that “Genetics” is the best or most important asset! WRONG!

“Intelligence with Humility” are the winning combination, not Ego and or Genetics!

“Intelligence allows,” gathers, plans, and uses “facts to build a greater engineered plan of steady, consistent, measured, and continuing increases to provide increased performance.

“Intelligence and Humility” learn how to maintain those increases, and what it takes to “gain more performance in every area!”


Our programs “DO NOT” prescribe to the commonly used thread of thinking and applications used by “most all coaches and trainers!” Their thinking is, of gaining increased performance, by “more training and or harder training!”

This very common accepted type of thinking and training “is non logical,” ego centered, low intelligence based, damaging, and “abusive at best!”

Our programs use facts with better applications, proven by consistent measuring, testing, and  proving constant improvements in all areas of actual performance on the field or in the event!

A Sports Program would provide the following services to an individual raising their level of athleticism:




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