SLEEP….. problems, what most do not know….


Sleep is greatly misunderstood, mistreated, mishandled…


Using a sedative, is the wrong approach, it actually only aggravates the real cause!


Rest is not the whole word, so often people think the word rest is what sleep is about, yet it is only part of the picture! The true description is “restoration!”


At night we do what is restoration to the body when we sleep! However true restoration can only truly, completely take place if “the required nutrients” are “on board” for our body to work with!


Lack of being able to go to sleep, or to attain depth of sleep has to do with several simple requirements! Listen carefully all the way through and learn what it takes to have way more vibrant health!


You can wake up with ease, feeling great, only if your body can go into a deep enough “restorative state” to wake up feeling “revital-ized”! learn the keys…