Sickness, Overweight, Obese…. Self Will Run Riot…

Continued Sickness, Overweight, Obese, All Self-caused….

Accountability is the issue!

Why is it, most everyone seems to want others to somehow “understand,” you know, understand how ”they are not responsible” because they are sick or ill, or overweight, even obese?

It all comes from the same basic problem, “self will run riot!” It is a “me” thing, a selfish thing! Choose any of these, lazy, sloth, greedy, selfish, self-gratifying or any combination of these for the most part. It is all brought about by their own choices and actions! How so you ask, keep reading.

Fat does not stalk people, it does not hunt people down like a predator, neither does sickness! Sickness is lack of self-maintenance, a lack of positive preventive measures for the most part!

Overeating causes fat (excess weight gain), it is simply put, too many calories eaten or consumed, not a glandular problem, not about some drug that caused it, not any of the excuses so many people try to come up with! The individual had to place the calories in their mouth, they were not forced to eat excessively, and repeatedly!

If a person doesn’t “get that” fat is “excess energy” stored on the body, they have a real serious lack of common sense and or a lack of intelligence.

When an individual allows their blood sugar level to get too low for too long, their body goes into a starvation or survival mode! Then the metabolism starts to store as many calories as it can for future needs. One of the reasons this happens is that the body has priorities for food utilization. The priorities are #1 energy, #2 repair, and #3 storage! This means that repair foods may not or do not repair the body, so performance is lowered, fat is gained, and sickness can have place. Or it is through the lack of repairing that lean muscle and the body is not able to mount defenses for differing types of bacteria or virus and other system inadequacies which cause “dis-ease or un-rest” or non-restoration!

So “dis-ease” is un-rest at the cellular level.  Un-rest is “non-restoration” of tissues, processes, and or functions to be enabled or proper functioning for health to prosper!

So “pity” is not an option. Remember non-action is still an action! Or not being “pro-active” about your bodies maintenance is sloth, and or lazy! We create our own health, with the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

When an individual puts food in their mouth, there is no doubt that they know what they are doing! So is the individual building up or selection only pleasure! Each choice we make is either positive or negative! If it is a repeating bad choice, it is another case of ”self-will running riot!”

People “choose” their state of health by their repeated choices! Sickness, illness, and disease, disease does not set out to attack us, ambush us, remember this!

We as individuals either are pro-active to help ourselves or we are sloth and lazy causing lowered physical performance. So, when people want attention and they are sick, it is by their doing’s or undoing’s, and it is not genetic, luck or chance, sorry!

So, for the most part we all know the real truth, the reality of why we are where we are with excess eating or continued sickness, it is a direct result of “self-will running riot!”                                                                            ©COPYRIGHT BERT SEELMAN 2013 rev.2018


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