The Right Information….for Health, Diet,Exercise…

Healthy, fit, thin…..yea right…..WE ALL WANT IT…

It’s a pipe dream for most, because it is most always a “SELL JOB.”

Promises, promises, promises…..that’s what all these so called diets exercise and health programs promise.

Then they said “Exercise is good for you.”…..right….no actually it’s WRONG!  Exercise is actually adding stress to your muscles or body to trigger a hopeful positive response.

Then they said “this multi-level product is really all about your HEALTH! Sure, Sure, Sure! Isn’t it funny how the money truly is always “the deal.”

Then you went to a health club, RIGHT! The trouble is that nothing truly at all healthy happened to you! Of course the health club got wealthier from you, and if anything lost weight it was your wallet!

And of course let us not forget the personal trainer that did little but tell you what to do, and he or she could never really give you the real knowledge that got consistent nonstop results! Not that they knew better either. You see fitness is still in the Stone Age!

Wake up! YEA YOU…….WAKE UP …… is reality time!

The book “The Great Fitness Fraud” by Me Bert Seelman is and was written for one thing! Awareness, yes awareness, so anyone reading it would not be “sold” on yet another half hearted fragmented frustrating program.

When I set out to write this book I intended to bring to light the simple facts and how to apply them for people to get the results they wanted, every time. Not just with fitness but with true health. Fitness and health do not go together in the majority of programs. My goal was to educate individuals to recognize the frauds and avoid them wasting more time money and effort. So now this book gives the step by step way to get healthy and get results long term. The book is written in common sense ways of doing things in the right order and it teaches you to know why you are doing it. By knowing why you need to do something in a specific order it will help to create the “want to” to keep doing it! Without these understandings nothing has a “value” to keep doing it. The book is set up to make the old myths that we have all been taught go away and allow the facts and truths to stand out.

This book is truly a “life changer,” a “game changer” a body of knowledge that will help for a true lifestyle change!

It is what I myself needed forty years ago to make things easier for my clients and myself. Every coach, instructor and personal trainer will be able to produce way more results from the layouts and information in the book. This book itself can be used as an instructional manual for trainers, coaches and their clients!

For over forty years I have been doing research and assembling facts to gain the optimum results for my clients whether in fitness or health! This book delivers the critical information of what, why and how I was able to assist people to get their results. If anyone has liked my blogs, they will love this book! It’s time to be healthy,thin,and fit!

©Copyright Bert Seelman 2011

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