Reality In Health, Simple Truths and Facts…


SIMPLE TRUTHS AND FACTS……….(actually the obvious)


Late – self centered

Constantly late – selfish self centered and arrogant

Fat – selfishness

Obesity – way over-selfish, controlling

Often Sick – self denial, needy


Chronic sickness – attention getting, needy, self is all that matters, others, work, and are not that important, while their attention getting is! Po-me, po-me, whaaaa!


Do these realizations make you think…they should!


Ever notice how someone who does things like, drinks alcohol constantly, smokes, does excessive consumption of medications, has to have too much or certain foods or drinks in excess, denies self maintaining in regards to health etc. yet they… “say” how “much they “LOVE” this or that, person!


These TYPES only want others to be “around” (live long enough) to be there when THEY need a friend or favor or even just company!


Most people “DO NOT” have the fortitude, backbone, care, honesty, heart, spine, guts, or DEPTH, “to tell them the TRUTH!” But they will pretend to “be real,” say they care, and even go so far as to act “LIKE A CHRISTIAN!” You know, “the church go-er” that has the “ACT” down! The members of CHURCHIANITY as I call it! (These are the really dangerous ones; BEWARE of these types, lots of words and few deeds that really count)


Many of these are like the Doctors who SAY THEY CARE, yet after they give a diagnosis to you with something major or even terminal, “they give no advice on anything positive.” How about like, “how to slow or prevent the advancement, with positive things like nutrients, diet, prayer or anything else? Why DON’T THESE “SO CALLED” CARING individuals know more about the actual “PREVENTION” IF THEY “CARE SO MUCH?”


It’s like the fat person, or smoker, or drinker, they only CARE about WHAT THEY WANT OR NEED RIGHT NOW, and you or others, well those are in reality a less important issue, a second thought “AT BEST!” SORRY…TRUTH IS TRUTH!


Disease, sickness does not “just happen,” sickness and disease does not hunt a person down, stalk them, or lay in wait to jump on a specific person, it is earned!


Sickness and disease are earned through bad thoughts, intents, evil, and lack of self-maintaining, lack of self-maintenance!


It is appointed to man to die, but he does not HAVE TO ROT! A man can die “full of life” going out in his sleep, without be broken down, debilitated, and chronically falling apart!


So, remember my quote, “if you are feeling bad, and looking worse, IT’S YOUR DIET STUPID!”


REMEMBER, true health starts in your spiritual being and manifests in you physical being! So anyone who thinks, or see’s, KNOWS what is really happening to you!



The reality is, we are new, totally new down to every cell being replaced every 16+ months! This fact alone screams grace, restoration, change, due to the point a change of “intake” or nutrition can and will change, slow, stop or reverse, ANY CONDITION, LITERALLY anything going on with our physical body!


The huge draw back it appears is, EFFORT! Yes it would take a change in thinking, possibly some research, some changes in selections, preparation, ACTIONS, and consistency! This is “the factor” that most all are NOT WILLING to even contemplate, think about, let alone attempt!


For over 43 years I have seen and been a small part of in people having major changes in health conditions, some even surviving what was told them to be terminal! Our life, the quality, the length or longevity, is in our hands, IF, we want to have a truly better life!

©COPYRIGHT Bert Seelman 2014, rev.2017

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