PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS – Fraud for extortion, fact


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The Medical field is heinous, beyond cruel, beyond evil, and knowingly so!


Man is a chemical (nutrients), electrical (spirit) being.

Man is a new being having all cells replaced every 15 -18 months!

What we eat either builds us up or wears us out, and it breaks us down and can actually

poison us.

Aging is basically wearing out, or non-maintaining our physical performance

and or health.

Nutrition or nutrients are our materials or make up at the cell level, while the spirit is the animating force or it is the electrical charge = energy!

Lowered physical performance is illness or sickness from lack… lack of

adequate and, or proper maintaining. Prolonged lack of nutrients or maintaining is “disease!”

Dis-ease is “unrest” at the cellular level. “Dis-ease is also “unrest” or

inadequate restoration or rebuilding at the cell level!

A “cure” is stopping of the “irritating symptom.”

Note: removing the irritating feeling.

Heal or healing is “to restore to original.”

True rebuilding, restoring back to original.

Today people mistakenly listen to Doctors limited knowledge and massive

lies, with total inconsideration of Godly advice or natural restoration with natural             possibilities. We can be restored with rebuilding from the cell up. However the pharmaceutical companies want us ADDICTED to their products through the lies ofso called incurable and untreatable conditions that are themselves a lie!

Pharmaceutical medications are a cure of types, as the reality is

the irritation is only “masked.” The person stops “feeling” the irritation or symptom

so one “feels” they are cured or better, but the person is not truly restored!

When someone uses medications, if they stop the medication the problem and or feeling is still there as it was not restored. This is then a lie or masking, a FRAUD!

Now that person is in constant need of the medication to feel or wrongly believe they are better!

Doctors for telling a person they will be in constant need of the medication to “feel better” is EXTORTION, when in reality they could rebuild restore or HEAL their body!

Reality is Modern Medicine is fraud for extortion, at best!

God gave man eating laws, and the herbs for healing!

God gave us the herbs in Genesis 1 for healing!

God gave man his Son for spiritual healing and physical healing!

Wake up people, God did so Love the world, think, don’t be duped!

God did not ever send anyone to the physician (look it up, you’ll see)!



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