A better description is “personal strainers,” or pocket drainers, or no brainers, or maybe entertainers!






THEY are like little kids following their clients acting like the client is their MOMMIES and DADDIES, with this look on their face, while waiting for a NOD OF ACCEPTANCE…..LIKE, am I doing ok, am I huh?


Almost all the while these fakes are looking around, talking, checking their all-important cell phones!


WHY…..because they do know, that what they are doing is based on NOTHING FACTUAL and is usually based on everything everyone else “seems to do”!


THINK about what never shows up consistently, it is CONSISTENT measurable results, and never on a steady proven basis!


How many so- called “Personal Strainers” do you see “actually testing their clients on a regular basis, getting measurements, taking photo’s etc.?”


These fakes, frauds, and self-deluded egotist, try to do things “to make it seem” that they actually know physiology, or exercise requirements from a scientific basis!


They do things like divide the body into exercising the upper body one day, then the lower body the next day!

This is beyond asinine, because you must according to that thinking have to JUST FEED the upper body that day and JUST FEED THE LOWER BODY THE NEXT DAY!…..I MEAN REALLY????


So does a person then JUST SLEEP THE UPPER BODY one day, and JUST SLEEP THE LOWER BODY THE NEXT DAY?  HOW DOES THAT WORK?  Physiology says that the body requires 48 hours between stimulus for adequate response!


FUNNY, because I see the body as ONE UNIT, that needs food and sleep every day, and the body recovers or heals as a whole unit!…..But then again, that kind of logic is rare today!


When realizes that “exercise” is a “stimulus to trigger a hopeful positive response” one can clearly see that exercise is a form of stress, and that nutrition and rest are what build or make the “response!” The nutrition supplies the materials and rest is “time to accumulate and process the nutrients!”


If a person carefully observes people in any gym setting, they will notice little if any real noticeable or measurable results takes place with the vast majority of members! WHY? Because almost no one ever learns the true facts and applications to be “able to hold anyone accountable!”

If a program is truly built or engineered on or with FACTS, then there can be Predictability, accountability, sustainability, and results can be an “ongoing thing.”


What most people do not realize is, that when a person is going to the gym on a regular basis AND NO RESULTS ARE TAKING PLACE it is usually due to the fact that the body does not have what is needed! To make any “positive noticeable or measurable improvements” there must be adequate response materials to make these changes! So little or no responses means deficit or more damage than good is taking place!


The only thing WORSE than the FRAUDS, is the people who continue to go to them and continue to pay, do not look deeper, but go because they feel justified, NOW THAT IS “SICK!”


After all, I actually wrote the book, “The Great Fitness Fraud,” that lays out the facts, and reveals the self-evident truths for anyone to know, if measurable results are a possibility or not!


BERT SEELMAN   520 327 2929.