SEEN…..the FAT,….the OVER WEIGHT,…. the OBESE…..


Deluded, deceivers, abusers, and users…mostly, it is about LIES!

Oh, I love my wife, or I love my child, .…in reality, it is LIES!

I am talking about the fat, over weight, obese persons who tout this HUGE LIE, about how they “LOVE” OTHERS!

Anyone who doesn’t take care of their own health enough, to live long enough, to be around enough, to interact, care for, and participate with, the “so called person they say, they LOVE, IS A LIAR AT THE LEAST, and quite certainly, an abuser (even if only themselves)!

You see FAT, OVER WEIGHT, and OBESE is about “excessive intake,” which is SELFISHNESS! To allow someone who we may say is a “friend”, to become unhealthy, fat, over weight, or obese

Is to “lie” to them, by our silence!

What an idiotic, laughable statement, to say you love something and not “be there” for them! To not take care of one’s personal health, to live a full life, is their decision. But, to say you love someone and not live long enough, to be around and alive as long as possible, is selfishness, and that is not a healthy love!

What is bad, is if there is a child that this obese liar (yes liar) is taking care of, or even worse yet, if the child is one they are supposed to be actually raising, like a son or daughter! What kinds of values, habits, and or justifications is the child going to be exposed to?

Sure, we all have seen this, where the obese person has taught and provided the same bad habits to the child, and they too are already, severely obese! That is child abuse, in it’s purest form! None of these actions, are love! Not a Godly love, for sure! God dislikes a glutton, as much as a fornicator!

Then this obese, over weight, or fat individual wants us, expects us, to believe they actually “love the other individuals” involved? Please, that would be partaking in the wronged individuals abuse! It would be consent by silence!

Part of the problem here is, that most “just want to get along with others.”

BUT NO, that is being self-serving, in wanting an abusers acceptance! That’s as sick! These types NEED TO BE CALLED OUT, to call them out, is to help make them AWARE! To allow, is to condone, a gross wrong doing!

Fat, over weight, obese is all about a self-will, running riot! It is a SELFISH thing, that can be easily treated, yet most will out-right LIE about it, and say, it’s this or that, all to AVOID RESPONSIBILITY!

HEALTH, is each person’s responsibility, each and every one is the captain of their own course!

Remember, a person must consume 3500 excess calories to make each pound of excess body fat! Fat cannot, does not pursue, hunt down, sneak up on, or randomly attack any single person! Each individual put 3500 extra calories FOR EACH EXTRA POUND, in the mouth and swallowed those calories, to get where they are!

There is help, we see people lose a PANT OR DRESS size every 2 weeks, while eating more than they can believe! So, it is about true care, true responsibility, caring on the right level! ANYONE can be healthy, however, the problem is IT WILL TAKE SOME EFFORTS!

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