The MINIMUMS……Simple, Quick, Easy, Ways to Improve Health…

The MINIMUMS……Simple, Quick, Easy, Ways to Improve Health…

Feel better, perform better, with easy simple changes that will deliver!

Oh, it will take several small efforts, which we all know is too much for the majority!

These simple four tasks will deliver more than most will believe, IF, IF done as told in this video! Each step is important, and the sequence is also critical! This is a simple protocol, so listen carefully, write them down, put them into action, and you will actually realize a significant improvement in several days

Many will realize a significant change almost immediately! Now think of what the effects will be IF…IF…continued over weeks or even months! Remember that we are new down to every cell every 16+ months!

Following through, with each detail is “critical to results!” Example 4 quarts of water MINIMUM sounds like a lot of water, yet it is only 1 quart, per four hours, or only 4 oz. or ½ cup per half hour. The reason for 4 quarts is that the body needs 3.1 or 3.2 quarts just for “adequate function. It is that little extra that give the body enough to cleanse the cells! So use follow through!

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