Making It Happen- results

Making It Happen- results

This article was written some years ago, however it still applies, and is still true! However today it it even more difficult for people to be truly honest. True honesty is more scarce, and more people seem to be deluded and go to the internet for information which is way difficult to discern what is truth without a huge amount of research! Fitness and health is way more out of line than it was 45 years ago!

Facts and logic are more hidden, forgotten, less used, and emotions with ego reign! A trainer, coach or even a doctor usually never have their actual work tested, proven. If it sounds good,okay, however real benefits, real proof can be,should be proven through lowered resting heart rates, blood sugar levels, body composition, blood chemistry, and performance tests! Why doesn’t more trainers, coaches, and instructors test, because they do not know how to improve anything that could come up negative! Imagine no tests, “no verification a person is in the know.” Yet people are willing to waste time, money, effort, and their health. So here is my old post, and realize in some professions it is the client who makes the service “look good or bad” depending on how that client follows instructions, not how good the service truly is. So a service could be amazing good, yet show just average due to the compliance of the participant!


In the 35+ years that I have been coaching people toward their success’s, I have had a great opportunity to watch, question, and evaluate the actions of many people.  Try this, I have to get up, and then be up enough, to get people up enough, to get results enough, to come back enough, to make a living!  Wow, get it?

This is not and easy position to be in, that is “if” you are really going to be committed to truly helping people. It means that you must be willing to tell them what most every other persons doesn’t dare.  Why don’t they dare, well let’s be truthful, most don’t tell them because they don’t want that other person to dislike or disown them!  We all know in our hearts that the true, the honest thing, would be to tell them “what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.”

As a coach and being committed to getting my clients the results they want in their hearts I have had to “bite the bullet” as they say. After all I do make sure at the onset of our relationship, that I ask, in many different ways, what do you really want, and do you really want me to take you there?  I even then tell them to tell me exactly what they are hearing me say, there must be clear understanding or I am setting both myself and the client up for failure, even before we get started.

So this fact of true care, and commitment is shown in our clients results! Results that are unequaled, unsurpassed, anywhere, if the client is truly desiring optimum results!

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