The Major Cause of Sickness, Illness, and Obesity…

The Major Single Cause of sickness, illness, and obesity…

Sloth or lazy is the most common, most used, cause of disease, sickness, illness, and obesity today!

Definition of sloth:  reluctance to work or make an effort, laziness

Definition of lazy:  unwilling to work or use energy, characterized by lack of effort or activity

Our bodies are designed to renew themselves down to every cell every sixteen to eighteen months. That allows for us as the “person in charge” of this “vehicle through life” to have a huge degree of control as to the health in life we experience.

However to have good health, as opposed to bad health, we have to consume or eat those items which will give us the better ingredients or actual nutrients to form our body better!  We all know that food has many factors that tend to get different individuals to choose them, or to select what they desire to eat or consume for the body to maintain itself on.

Whether people want taste, texture, smell, volume, or convenience are just some of the deciding factors for people to make their decisions. Through my 43 years in working in the health and human performance field I have found that there seems to be “two most used” determining factors for the vast majority of those people to decide which foods. They are in my findings, taste and convenience. These factors being the most used are for two important reasons, easy and comfort!  So taste for comfort and convenient for less effort to get it! Simply put sloth and lazy!

Note that both of the deciding factors require less effort, and thought. Lazy and or sloth are the exacting things that cause people’s health to deteriorate. Yes even thought is too much for most individuals!

Health even when it goes bad goes back to these same two factors, taste or comfort and convenient or less effort! When the pain (dis-ease) or sickness starts, comfort almost always comes from getting a “pain killer” or anything to return to a “comfort” with less effort. Less effort means even though individuals could repair the process within the body to heal it, most do not opt to spend time, research and effort to truly restore the body to original condition. Most people just go out and get a pharmaceutical to mask the symptom rather than change what they are eating. These same individuals remain on medications for comfort and convenience, again sloth or lazy!

Myself, I want my body restored to original, so I take the route of true restoration the way the manufacturer designed! You see the true manufacturer had a way to restore us and who would know better! Preventive maintenance requires some effort, there are still a few that prefer this route, of course this is for those who truly care, and are not lazy!

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