Brains, schooling, an education, it is all a sell job;

Even the Doctor is a delusional pawn, selling services for returning business!


Wait, seriously read on, and try to think, seriously.


Think, yes think, IF you are able, or can!


Take the “idea of a Doctor,” ….I say the “idea,” because the reality is SO CONFUSSED!


People “actually believe a Doctor is a good person!” People go to one of these Doctors, even though the DOCTOR, cannot guarantee how most diseases are started!


Please, use just a tiny bit of logic here, if the Doctor cannot guarantee how you got a sickness,…. how the hell can he or she know how to cure it? …Please “think,” this is beyond STUPID!


If you go to this Doctor several repeated times, for the same condition, and your care is not markedly better, who’s STUPID? So the first few treatments were not sufficient?


Think, you have been there to this Doctor, “multiple times” for the same problem, “why,”…. WHY aren’t you better? Is it because your prescription is masking the irritating symptom and you are not healed?


Because, you need to, “re-see” this Doctor, why, because he needs to KEEP YOU ON THIS MASKING DRUG, or because he needs to retest you, why? If this Doctor knew anything, anything of worth or value, he would have had you healed!


What good is this Doctor doing, if your still on the drug, still need tests, and you’re not well?

WHO and HOW Stupid are you to continue seeing this so-called expert, when your not better or healed?


By the way, the word cure, means to relieve the irritating symptom, not healed!

Healed means to “restore to the original!” Get the difference?


When a Doctor has you coming back again and again, something is wrong, wrong doing, wrong thinking, wrong being practiced, and on a STEADY STUPID BASIS!


Why don’t these Doctors show you how to get in shape, “Seriously,” because they should know how to create health! But Doctor cannot even tell you about getting in shape!

Why don’t these Doctors show you how to eat to avoid being sick or ill? Why do you have to stay on medication? Why do you have to continue being tested? It is all about MONEY!


Because Big Pharma sets up the medical schools, sets up the hospitals, teaches the Doctors, sells the drugs, etc., etc., etc.!


People are sick because “they earn it” by the way “they do not care for their physical wellbeing!”


Emotional eating, convenience eating, cheap eating, and tasty eating, is the major part of every basic health issue!


Then the people run to the Doctor, because they want the irritating feeling suppressed, and now! So a drug, no real fixing the lack of nutrients to heal, rather just suppress the feeling!


The idiot people start to actually believe the answer is the drug, when only “the feeling” was neutralized, letting the condition continue so the doctor and drug company can keep selling the drug to support the Doctor and the pharmaceutical company!


We are brand new down to every cell every so many months, why not get totally healed, totally reworked, totally healthy? No, why, because it would take an effort, it would take change, it would take learning, oh hell no, no ne is going to put out any effort, because the Doctor WILL sell you an appointment, he will sell you a pill, he will have you come back for tests!


MONEY is the bottom line motivator, not care, not real, deep, genuine care!


Healing can be had, actually engineered, with nutrients, diet, rest or sleep, exercise and a plan that is truly factually designed!


So by eating properly, eating smart, planning, and a little effort you, yes you, can have health! So do not be taken in by this “so-called Doctor says stuff!” LOOK DEEPER, way, way, deeper!


HAVE NO MERCY for the constantly ill person, they made their decisions, they could change now, but in reality, most will not do enough to benefit, why, because it is too easy for the Doctor Drug Dealer to sell them a drug!


At least the street druggie is honest! The street druggie admits his problem, knows what he is going to get, pays less per dose, and is not lied too!


SO he deserves your money more! He the street druggie isn’t hiding anything! The street drug dealer hides nothing! The street drug dealer isn’t behind a white collar or jacket and a PHD.!


In reality the Doctor should be TRIED IN COURT when someone doesn’t get well right away, because he is also practicing fraud!….


Think about this, if you justify the Doctor it says everything about YOU!!!


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