Life and Health Sustainability, critical considerations!

Life and Health Sustainability, critical considerations!

Facts and Considerations:

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  1. The human body grows a new stomach lining every 4 days, a new layer of skin every 28 days, and is basically totally rebuilt approximately every 16 months. (What awesome hope and chance to totally change any condition that is currently problematic!)
  2. The materials we are built or regenerated from, comes from what we eat, our nutrition. These materials need time to be processed first, for reserves to be built for response. (So our food or intake not only restores us ,but should be combined correctly for better utilization and absorption!)
  3. We are therefore only as good physically as what our diet provides us over time. (The quality is also as or more important, than the quantity!)
  4. As far back as 1936 Senate Document 264 stated our fields were unable to grow foods that were adequate for sustaining health. (This is why our or any programs should always recommend supplementation, especially a multi-mineral complex!)
  5. Foods were not adequate for sustaining health more than 70 plus years ago and our fields are more depleted now? (Average supplementation only delivers average nutrients, the better idea is to use or intake a better than average amount as an insurance!)
  6. If we are to maintain health at even at a low level, we are already at a loss, let alone the idea of good or great health would require a diet of what is better than is currently available. (Taking or having a slight excess is better than having or taking slightly less than is required, it’s called, preventive!)
  7. Our health is dependent on the quality of our diet and the quality of our choices and the working knowledge about what we specifically need or our body actually requires. (What do you prefer, a slight bit too little or a slight bit more than required?)
  8. If our nutrition is missing any of the required components, this is an imbalance, and our system can then start to breakdown or will not be able to adequately respond. (This is you, being your own deciding factor of health!)
  9. Our likes, feelings, beliefs and thoughts have nothing to do with how our body responds, it is all about what our body requires. (Fact, reason, logics, not emotions makes for a constant result!)
  10. If we become weak, sick, or diseased it is for the reason that our body is unable to adequately respond. We cannot become restored or re-vital-ized. (So decide the minimum or a slight bit extra!)
  11. Everything we take into our bodies has a positive or negative effect. It is the accumulation of the positive or negatives that determines our overall condition. (This is being the captain of your ship!)
  12. When we seek a cure, it must start from nutrition, or it cannot be of a true benefit. If a cure does not include nutrition, it is only treating symptoms. (Nutrition, what we are made up of to replace what caused the breakdown!)
  13. Without all the nutritional requirements for health, anything else is only a sustaining of the condition, without true restoration, or revitalization to the individual. (Incomplete can only produce incomplete!)
  14. Prevention is the obvious way to avoid problems with health. (Prevention,Pre = before, this is the way to avoid problems!)
  15. For true health, if anyone cannot understand prevention of a condition, how can we expect they can determine how to cure it. This is self evident. (Or who is stupid?)
  16. A drug can only mask or hide a symptom so as to give some type of relief of a symptom. (When any relief is received, most think the problem has been fixed, not so, only masked!)
  17. Exercise in and of itself cannot build muscle, or health in any way, only nutrition can. (We are what we eat, quality, quantity, frequency, longevity, so decide what you want to be and experience!)

We are, and become the sum total of our choices! 


Nutrition = Materials  +  Time = Reserves for response = Health

Response type = Results    

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According to Mr. Webster……or his dictionary

HEALTH =  the overall condition of a being,  soundness,  a condition of well being.

CURE =  relief or restoration to health,

CURED =  to restore to health,  to effect a recovery from.

VITAL =  of or characteristic of life,  necessary to the continuation of life.

MEDICINE =  the science of treating,  an agent used to treat,  something unpleasant.

DRUG =  a medicine used in treating,  a narcotic or hallucinogen,  to stupefy or dull with.


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