INCURABLE and Untreatable, the Myth and Lie sadly believed….

Incurable and Untreatable, the myth and lie sadly believed…….

                                                                  ©copyright Bert Seelman 2012

Untreatable and incurable, can you imagine being someone told this?

Worse yet, who but a total idiot would believe such a lie? It would most likely be a Godless person!

Those who believe this are idiotic, unlearned, egotistical, and more than likely way, way over educated! How can I say this, it is not just easy to say, but easier to know, as I have seen this “LIE” way more often than I care to. This the LIE part will be delved into at another place and time.

All of us have heard of those “rare” occasions of people getting well when supposed everything was against them, at least according to the limited thinking, arrogant medical profession. This “idea” of “untreatable” and “incurable” has often been found in rare to extremely rare occasions to “get well.”  Doesn’t anyone wonder “if just by chance” there could have been a similar positive factor (a common denominator) that was common to those beating the odds before.

I can tell you that there is such common “factors” that can and do make it possible to “beat the odds,” and literally thereby engineer hope for others! So things “unseen” by some are “seen” by others.

This new post is to make those people aware who have some of the limited thoughts that “incurable” and “untreatable” are truly limited beliefs.

Remember these below were limited beliefs at one time:

The world is flat.

A ship that’s powered without wind.

A horseless carriage.

A wireless phone.

Man on the moon.

Transplanting an organ from one human to another.

These thoughts are and were all limited beliefs for some, at one point. Yet today we have organs transplanted and the person lives!

I know that the reasons so many are supposedly in an “incurable” or “untreatable” condition is more than likely the limiting thinking of the attending physician!

We are a three part man and yet physicians for the most part only treat the physical and maybe deal with the mental. What about the spiritual? If we are truly a three part man than let’s deal with him as a whole being and not limit possibilities!

The truth is that all things are treatable and curable “if, yes if” a person is willing to change! This solution is real, however it is not always easy, fun, and it will require “effort” and those who want it, it is there for any who truly desire it. The change comes from the spirit, the mind and the body being addressed in totality!

Reality is to most “perception added to emotion!” However this is not true reality. Perceptions and emotions cause individuals to “see” and “hear” that which is not so! Just as “semantics” is a game of “words” that is played with the intention to “mis-perceive!”

As the word “cure” means “to give relief,” or remove the irritating symptom! While the word “heal” means to “restore to the original.” I myself definitely prefer being healed.

So here is my quote:

The idea of untreatable or incurable is reality only for those who do not understand the requirements, have working knowledge, and the sequence of the proper integration of the spiritual with the physical and intellectual! – Bert Seelman

Short version of quote:

Untreatable and incurable are the descriptions of the minds and beliefs behind these statements! – Bert Seelman

Note: the word, term, reference, and reality of the word “spirit” is so vastly accepted that it is even by law defined as “the animating force of a human being!”

Definition of SPIRIT

1: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms

©copyright Bert Seelman 2012


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