Health, Who’s Stupid….

Health, Who’s Stupid ?
Imagine, a person starts to feel ill, so it continues, they start to feel even worse, so they go to the Doctor! This is the usual accepted mode of progression and action!
Now let’s stop, think, and make a few simple observations.
When did your Doctor ever tell you how to stop or how to fix even your upset stomach by using natural methods, like different combinations of food, or to stop eating a possible irritating food or do anything that prevented a symptom of any kind? Most importantly, did he or she do it with certainty, accuracy, and repeatability? So, what does this person know about your functions, maintenance, or performance really?
I mean when did your Doctor ever tell you what foods were the best to eat, for any condition or give you exact methods for prevention? No, he or she will almost immediately in most every case gives you a pharmaceutical drug that will only mask the symptom, and that is totally incorrect and does not help the problem long term nor teach you anything! This drug that you have just been given will give you MORE bad or imbalanced long-term side effects, than it will give short term benefit.
When did your Doctor ever tell you how to eat to stop or improve your condition, when did he ever tell you how to prevent or cure anything or just make it better with accuracy and natural items? You know, when did he or she tell you to use natural foods to heal or help for the long-term benefits?
Doctors do not even know how to tell you to get fit, by this I mean “ask him to predict with accuracy,” how to lose only fat and how to “exactly gain” a certain amount of muscle, and use hydrostatic weighing or testing to prove it. When did your doctor ever tell your friends or associates how to lower their blood sugar with diet alone or lessen the symptoms naturally?
So, we go to this man or woman who we call a DOCTOR, who is supposed to know how to cure us, and he or she doesn’t know even how to prevent our conditions…, so how can he or she heal us when they don’t know or understand what caused it! So, we who go to these non- prepared, unknowing, uninformed and obviously they are fraudulent representatives of health to get healed…. we are the obviously stupid one’s!
Somehow people have been duped into putting “unfounded amounts trust into incompetent individuals” who hold themselves out as a professional! This “conditioned” state of unfounded trust in the medical field usually starts or often begins due to our being sent to the “nurse” in school as a child! This was usually the beginning of “unfounded trust, without questioning.”
Now understand, that I am NOT SAYING, all Doctors or medical professionals are not caring, not qualified, not compassionate! Personally I know of several very caring, very informed, very qualified Doctors. However most are typical “schooled” ego centered, self-elated, and have done little to expand into natural, preventive methods! A truly caring individual who truly cares to benefit the client or patient will investigate and seek every way to benefit, prevent, and treat! We must remember that Big Pharma has schooled the medical profession with very carefully designed methods for their benefits financially!
Note: Anyone who is of “a true spiritual conscience” would seek out, search, learn, and implement true preventive healing measures, rather than try to only use an easy, quick fix. The individuals “who” continue to give or prescribe such an approach that is only a temporarily fix and only masks a “health problem” is mercenary, and is in it for the money, position or ego, and not a truly caring, decent, respectful, God fearing human being, not that all are!
A person should use logic, common sense and learn “who” to trust! It should be someone who can predict, prevent, and explain “before” the needed changes happen. We are too often duped, lied to, misled! We are new, completely down to every cell, every 16+ months. So, we need to take control of your intake, in quality and quantity so that better, more beneficial changes can take place!
Health is literally changed the most by our choices! Our controls in health are in the quality, quality, and frequency of our choices of “intake,” however these choices need to be “informed” and that will take some effort!
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