HEALTH – Re-thought…….having the facts, gives possibilities

Health, it is what makes “life” worth living! Without health we are limited in quality of performance, and longevity on every level!

Life would not be in many instances worth living without health!

Health is everything! What makes it? There are many factors, and all the factors, as well as applications need to be addressed!

Health comes from our “ways or actions, and attitudes!” Health if wanted, can be made easy to attain, as is described here in a brief effective explanation by Bert Seelman!

Bert who started Bert Seelman’s Performance Fitness and ResultsAreProof.com has worked in the development of rapid results programs in health and physical performance for over 40 years, with extreme tested and measured results in areas that were before, thought to be “not even possible!”

The programs Bert developed are almost limitless and are actually engineered, by using facts applied with a unique set of methods or applications. All the facts were not normally considered, nor before were they sequenced properly! Bert Seelman and his ResultsAreProof.com has developed programs for almost every condition, regardless of age, sex, or perceived difficulty, from what is considered terminal, rehabilitative up to and including sports performance at the extreme levels!

The greatest factor that Bert considered was treating the whole man. By treating the intellectual, the physical, and most importantly the “spiritual,” Bert found that the actual root of the problem could be “gotten to” for a complete healing!

Knowing that we humans were “created” in a unique way, and that our physical being has a constant regeneration or restoration through what we consume on a daily basis! Imagine the simplicity of renewing ourselves through knowing we have a new stomach lining every 4 days, a new layer of skin every 28 days, and having “every cell”replaced every 16 – 18 months! Knowing this factor allows each and everyone of us to “recreate or rebuild ourselves at what ever level or to what ever degree we desire by our “choices!”



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