HEALTH,… it’s ALL in your control

Health is for the very most part, dictated by each and every one of us through our thinking and actions or lack of actions. Having the ability to have major control or impact on our health will become very apparent after reading this article!


Reality could or should change for many individuals, right here in this article, if you have not heard this information, and most have not!


Fact, the human being is a three part being, spirit, mind or mental, and body or physical!


The spirit is the life force, which is the electrical charge, the animating force or “energy!”


The mind or mental being is the perceiver, justifier, liar, and memory with perception!


The body is the physical “vehicle” that the spirit, and the mind “ride around in” for this journey called life!


Seriously consider the facts and importance of the next sentence, especially when you are dealing with, thinking about, or feeling your physical body! Your, physical body is totally replaced down to every cell every 15 – 18 months! Imagine the possibilities, hope, and the wellness that can now, become a reality! Literally we can make major impact to most all states and physical conditions!


First, let us think about those cells being replaced, this is done by or through what we consume, our intake or what we eat! This is where the materials, nutrients, fuels, repair, and restoration comes from! Now, much of these materials or “intake” is way too often, of far less than quality, too much or too little in quantity, and not often enough in frequency! Our intake is the strongest and usually the most positive or negative impact to our health!


Know that our “intake” is too often” not even given a “second thought!” So no wonder we become “unrested” or dis-eased or diseased, sick and ill! Either through ignorance, or arrogance, added to sloth or lack of any effort, “we do not properly maintain our physical structure, the body!” An important point here is that there is plenty of factual information about the “make up” or content of the physical body! This available information could and should be learned and known for longer, better physical maintaining, as well as length of life!


It is a absolute laughing matter that so many actually “dare” to say they “know how to eat healthy,” yet they stand there in front of many and state what is an obvious, way exaggerated, self-evident, blatant lie! They do this, partially due to “no one truly caring enough” to call them on the obvious (their waist line and physical health)!


Like it or not, “we write” our own ticket to health or illness, and that’s a fact! Disease, illness is not always “genetic,” it is usually handed down by, “socio economic familial eating patterns!” Most changes in the cells are activated or turned on or off by what nutrients we intake!    See article – by Sandra Blakeslee, Oct. 07, 2003, A Pregnant Mothers Diet Can Turn Genes Around, New York Times


Due to the fact that our cells are replaced regularly, it does not matter what, or how bad a condition is, we have some control, and can make a major difference! Even if it is considered terminal by “limited thinkers,” the so-called terminal condition, can at the least be greatly slowed! Terminal can still be often times subdued, limited, life can be extended and many times it is not terminal, and people get healed! We all have seen and heard of too many such cases!


FACT: The physical length and quality of life, is most determined by the intake of materials and their quality, quantity, and frequency, of our intake!  Limiting beliefs and lack of effort run most people’s health, where are you?


Realize that your thoughts, are either negative or positive, as are emotions, as are attitudes, as are actions, all are electrical impulses originating within you! These impulse’s, are sent as electrical charges or flow, which attracts or repels, being positive or negative to everything, and every cell at the atomic or cellular level!


Hippocrates …said many centuries ago…

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


So, where and what are you in your thinking, feeling, acting, and doing? Did you really want to know?  Think about it, you are in charge of your vehicle or ship, so have a good voyage Captain!


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