HEALING, why not,…..Wellness, why not…..?

Healing, Why Not, …  Wellness, Why Not,…?

Incurable IT’S NOT!                                                                         

Our body is an “electrical chemical being, ” hopefully with a “mind”  in a somewhat working order! The mind is the component of our being where “most limitations” are born, stored, and believed as “facts or truths!” However in some cases this is not always so! Our “spiritual part is the electrical part,” as the “spirit” is an electrical charge that is our “animating force!” The chemical part is the nutrients, or minerals etc. that are the components of our physical body!

We are made of water, minerals, proteins, fats and various other chemicals, or substances that are replaced or regenerated from our intake in different time spans.

However all cells are replaced within 15 – 18 months! GET THIS……                       (the problem is, WHAT ARE YOU TAKING IN TO REPLACE THOSE CELLS WITH?) 

By having our cells or our physical make up being replaced every so many months “this gives us great possibilities” for a “new start” or a restart of types. You might say we are recyclable. This is an awesome possibility to “start fresh” and create much improved health for the future!

So when we look at the word “disease” as we should being,  “dis-ease”  or un-rest at the cellular level. This means that there is an “imbalance” as to what the body requires to function or perform “adequately, or optimally.”

If the body were to receive what it “requires” in adequate or even better, more than adequate amounts for an “assurance policy” it would immediately be able to get healed, which means to be “restored to the original,” rather than merely “cured” which means to “gain relief” of the “irritating symptom!” Most ill or diseased individuals or anyone with sense would obviously choose healed.

Restoration and “healed” should be the goal (wellness). To relieve the current irritating symptom or get “cured” is not the proper goal, unless there is another motive or intent, like a continuing financial benefit(for medical treatments to continue)! Using cures is a “disease management” type of treatment or mentality used today by most Physicians, and facilities.

NOTE: I did not say they “all” are unknowing or mercenary, there are well intended ones! However with some slight investigation we can see that Big Pharma has taught what is not prevention or fast effective healing!

So when we sit down to eat, consume our foods and supplements, let us be mind full of our great possibilities to be adequately supplied with the right materials or chemicals called “nutrients!” People need to be aware that our food either does something “to us, or for us” and that here lays the possibilities through our choices to be of greater health, healing, and performance or to continue being dis-eased!

Why not take health, quality of life, length of life, and physical performance into your own hands and create yourself a better future, for you and the ones you care about! Imagine you are in control if you want it!

FACT: When a person “changes their intake and gives their body new things,” better things, then after having this new “change of reference,” their body can ask for these better choices. Peoples taste actually “changes” after a short period of utilizing new intake, so change does have “many” unrealized good benefits!

©copyright Bert Seelman  2013