The H.C.G. Diet…or Die-t’s in General

The “H.C.G. DIET “or, DIE-t’s In General

H C G – O M G – B F D                                                

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, simply put, urine from a pregnant woman! Oh My Goodness will people do anything? Big Freakin Deal, yes because there is money in it!

Today we definitely live in the realm of what people want and now! Yes people want it cheap, fast, easy, and not just now, but yesterday, “oh and make it last too will ya!”

From my perspective of health, fitness and physical performance for over “forty years” I have seen the good, the bad, and the very scary, dangerous, and worst! I have also had the good fortune to work with professional athletes, house wives, professionals, Physicians, and the very sick. During that time I myself have always worked to develop programs that put the true health and longevity first.

Today it has literally become the age of give me what I want now and the idea of responsibility, right, health, moral, or legal ramifications is thrown out the window along with any form of conscience!

Most Physicians are no longer of any moral fiber, let alone care. Money to be made takes precedence and meeting the immediate desires of individuals are allowed to be looked upon as so called human rights!

Isn’t it amazing, how any idea of weight loss can be turned into a “cash cow” for anyone wanting to make some money. The public hardly ever stops to consider that the truth of the matter should be called “fat loss” not weight loss, as most programs have the person losing more lean tissue than actual fat, which actually results in a “slowing” of the metabolism.

Most who get caught up in these fad diets are eventually seeing their “so called” weight loss slow down and almost stop never realizing what is truly happening. It’s a game of semantic’s or words that are used without the unsuspecting person having a clue or enough knowledge to accurately question what the real long term benefit’s or ill’s can be. The old rule of “if it seems too good to be true” it probably is too good to be true, so it usually is a lie.

So for those who just might want to know the whats good and whats bad, here is some simple questions or qualifiers, for the prudent and caring.

Does your new “diet” come with an accurate body composition test like hydrostatic testing or N.I.R. (near infra red light ) testing every one to two weeks to prove only fat is lost while lean is gained? (it is one thing to “lose fat,” but can it also gain lean on a continual basis if exercise is added?)

Is this diet “diabetic safe” meaning blood sugar levels are balanced?

Is this diet or has this diet been shown to “improve blood chemistry” when followed?

Does this new diet guarantee “no hunger or cravings” when followed?

Can this diet be utilized while maintaining a normal work schedule, meaning even if traveling?

Most importantly does this dietary program teach a lifestyle by giving understanding of why these things need to be done for future adherence?

If a person “truly seeks to have a constant control of their dietary requirements and stay within a healthful percentage of body fat” the program must contain those things mentioned above!

The H C G diet uses a 500 calorie per day guideline which is far too low for normal constant requirements of the body! When an individual goes off the hormone or the diet the body will react in a survival mode and start to store all foods take in resulting in fat gaining again. Never have I ever seen, or heard of anyone willing to “actually prove” this dietary program in the ways written previously.

Another consideration is that when hormones are introduced to the body these hormones have many other negative effects that are not discussed nor brought up by those who wish to “sell their program!”

The very basic bottom line is this, it is not “natural” to put those hormones or this “urine from a pregnant woman” into a normal person. Nor is it “natural” to force the body to live on an extremely low 500 calorie diet as advised on this system.

This article is written to just give just a “quick view” of the many so called “problem areas” of most dietary plans or programs and to help people to see more clearly. Hopefully this will help to protect individuals health and keep them from wasting their time and efforts.

My record is clearly out there for all to see and investigate. My advice is to those who want to stop being fat, obese, or just plain overweight. Individuals also need to seek a common sense understanding of foods, their makeup, the bodies priorities and start changing your diet by using facts. Read my book, “The Great Fitness Fraud,” this is the very thing I wrote the book for, was to be a way to know what works, why, and how to get long-term health producing results.               ©copyright Bert Seelman 2012

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