The Future of Programs…..True HEALTH… “in your control!”

Imagine, not sustaining a condition, … (health)

Not managing a condition,…

Actually removing the problematic cause,…

Actually eliminating or eradicating the actual root of the problem,…


The word Cure, means to relieve or stop the “irritating symptom,”…

The word Heal, means to “restore to the original,”…


By understanding the base or “lacking factor,” or the beginning fault,…one can,

supply what was lacking or causing the breakdown, or lessened response!

By replacing or meeting the problem with adequate requirements, this previous breakdown is prevented and or stopped!


Imagine “actually learning what is required,” the amount required, and the

frequency that it is needed! Elimination of the problem, is totally possible!


Imagine programs, to know what to supply the body, when to supply the body, and how often! Imagine learning, at whatever level you wish, to actually prevent illness and at the very least, lessen the effects to minimal!


Everything is or can be known, measured, tested, actually “ENGINEERED!” Because of the facts being known, the amounts, the timing or frequency, anything can be prevented, lessened, eliminated or limited greatly. When requirements are known, measured, scheduled, and fully supplied, the body can respond fully, completely!


These requirements are all things that the answers are known about, however many cannot bring themselves to allow such thinking, let alone have aligning actions! Arrogance, which is contempt prior to investigation, is usually more powerful, as well as ego, reigning over intelligence! Limited beliefs are sacred protected cows, in a desperately starving world!


These programs are being developed now! These results producing, life changing methods or programs, are going to deliver on a level, that will astound! Listen as James who was a chemical, pharmaceutical engineer, and a cancer survivor tells of his awakening, realizations, and where his experiences say medicine needs to be!





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