Fitness or Health Getting Worse for the last 50 years…

Arrogance, Ego, and Ignorance… Fitness or Health Getting Worse for the last 50 years…..


Or …..Oh, I know……..


How many time have you tried to “really help” someone, only to hear, “Oh, I know?”


So if they know, why do they look so bad, why are they so unhealthy, and why are they not better off? But hey, “THEY KNOW!”


Or, ever have someone say, “Oh, I listen to my body,” when their body is totally screaming at you, they do not, and instead you want to say, Let me hire you an interpreter, “because its visibly obvious, you don’t understand the language!”


Ever notice, how people go to the gym or health club, yet never ever, change? Yet you will hear them tout, Oh I’m doing really, really well, but there is no evidence, none, that statement is based on, like measurement changes, pictures changes, body composition changes, etc., etc.! IF, IF they really know so much, WHY do they look so bad? Why are they so unhealthy?


But “they know” everything when asked! Especially such supposed programs that are touted as “so good,” like zumba, yoga, and all the hyped “failure to see the changes” programs! You know, like the “the JAWS-ercise programs”, of much bla, bla, bla, and zero tested proof!


Arrogance is contempt, prior to investigation! In most cases it is very obvious this is all to often true!

Most are so unable to hear anything but their EGO, delusions, and anything other than themselves! Most peoples reality is their “perceptions added to their emotions,” which is not “true reality at all!”


99+% of all individuals DO NOT, see or experience, or measure any worthwhile changes, and they actually do more damage to their health, than any good!


Anyone constantly going to the gym and seeing little or no results, is doing more bad than good, simply because their body is “unable” to make a positive response! So they are overtraining, and lack the positive, healthful response! These are to self centered to even think or have consideration about any change that could help!


So anyone who you see going to the gym, or health club, ask them, I DARE YOU. What are you getting in actual proven, measured, positive results? NOTHING, NADA, NYIT, NOTHING! Listen to them justify! Be ready it will come spewing out!


Listen to them whine, justify, rationalize, all too much, bla, bla, bla! Laughable isn’t it?


Spiritual slothfulness is the problem, selfishness, me now, I want, I care, and on, and on! Nauseating, vomit causing, sick beyond delusional!


People get sick, over and over with a problem, and keep going to the Doctor for help, yet the Doctor “never ever fixes it, because it keeps happening,


”Yet the ignorant, arrogant, stupid person” (and I am being kind) “keeps going to the same Doctor or hospital, for the same problem,” SO WHO IS STUPID HERE?


It’s like fat, obese, or sick; it is all the same PITTY POTTY for attention getting, or STUPID beyond crazy!


I have asked these, what are you doing, and they get an even DUMBER LOOK on their face, open their mouth, and actually try to JUSTIFY THEIR ACTIONS!….

I, LMAO, LMAO….and then I realize, THEY LIKE WHERE THEY ARE!…..

Because if they did not LIKE WHERE THEY ARE….they would change what’s happening, but they do not change anything and stay on their, “OH I KNOW,” path of insanity!


So, let them stay where they are, but me, huh, me no, I am gonna call them out!

Why, because when it’s all over, they will regret it, and I am not going to be WORSE THAN THE LIAR they are, to themselves, and their other “so-called close friends,” that allow it!…..


See, most people have no backbone, or balls, nads, or what ever it takes! Most people will not want to upset their so called friends, because they want them around more, than being absolutely truthful!


GET READY….I am watching! And I am going to publish this, from their own pictures and posts!


Me, Bert Seelman, I refuse to let this insanity continue, at least around me, see it’s just too much work for these types, too much work to put out the slightest effort, to even try to learn, SAD, HUH!


If you post it, someone like me, is gonna roast it…. Smile, com’on, really…..


I mean really…. did the fat jump on them,….did sick stalk them,…. did chronic illness hunt them down and attack them,…. Is it a “TRANS CONDITION,” like you want to be healthy, but you identify with SICK???? PERVERSION knows no limits, I guess!


How stupid does a person want to look, or is it feel, anyway……???


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