Fitness, fatness, the EXORCISM…… reality, and proof!

So what is fitness? What is a true state of being fit? What is fat, I mean literally? Exercise, is it spinning, aerobics, Zumba, shaka-u-butta? Com’on here really?

It is fraud mostly, lies, made up hog wash, wanna be ideas, but very little reality with actual facts being accounted for or utilized!

Fat, what is it? What is the standard for fat? One man’s ideas, standards, a perception, a guesstimate? Please everything has a so called political correctness that isn’t based on anything more than a personal preference!

Exercise was or is supposed to be a “designed stress,” to be applied to cause stimulus or enough overload to cause a chemical response, to make adjustment or response, to increase or strengthen the tissues the stress was applied to! A way to cause an increase in the tissues performance levels. But no, not in reality, there are those who think a walk is exercise, when it is not! In reality, anything that is fun is considered “recreation” whereas exercise causes increased heart rate, sweating, stress of effort, and is not fun!

It is like hiring a personal strainer, yes I spelled that absolutely correct, STRAINER! TODAY THERE ARE ALMOST NO QUALIFIED TRAINERS OUT THERE THAT COULD TRULY PASS THE TESTS OF PROOF when it comes to these listed below.

A truly qualified Professional can and will guarantee the following – without exception!

1 Guarantee only muscle gains while only fat is lost, accurately tested with bi-weekly body composition!

2 Guarantee the diet they are utilizing will create balanced blood sugar levels within 96 hours!

3 Guarantee the clients resting heart rate will improve within two weeks!

4 Guarantee the clients diet will have no hunger or cravings!

5 Guarantee the clients blood chemistry will improve within 2 -3 weeks, no matter what preexisting condition is present!

6 Guarantee the client will “if needed” lose a dress size in less than 3 weeks or a pant size in 2 weeks for men!

7 Guarantee the client will spend less than 20 minutes on resistance training three days per week!

8 Guarantee the client will not have to spend more than 21 minutes of cardio six days a week!

9 Guarantee the client will learn about which supplements to use for a lifetime to keep health!

10 Guarantee the client will receive an education of a lifetime!

IF, IF a person who puts themselves out as a professional cannot fulfill the above, leave the scene of a certain huge impending disappointment immediately!

Facts are out there, the problem is, the vast majority in the health and fitness world, especially coaches will not take the time or spend the efforts to move up to a truly professional grade!

Our programs deliver the above every time, the client is compliant!

DARE TO COMPARE! More facts, with better applications, allows more tests, to prove more results! Our program are unequaled, unsurpassed, anywhere, for over 43 yrs.!




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