FAT Is Not….

FAT Is Not…

FACT: Fat Is Not… pretty, acceptable, likable, beautiful, beneficial, or healthful!

The world today is desperately trying to be politically correct, not, no, wrong, lying, insensible, and utterly ridiculous! Saying that fat, big, large, is beautiful is one of the farthest stretches of the imagination anyone could possibly try! Yes I said, “Saying fat is pretty, ok, or alright, is to try to put a lie over on any of us!”

Fact: Fat is excess energy (calories, fuel) stored on and in the body! Fat cannot stalk you! Fat cannot hunt you down! Fat does not jump on you! Fat can only, YES ONLY happen from too many calories being consumed by placing them into ones mouth and chewing, swallowing, these excess calories repeatedly! Do not try to justify through some feeble minded excuses like a metabolic disorder, a glandular problem, etc., etc. etc.! Fat is excess energy period!

I have been in the health and human performance field for over forty years and have talked to many, many fat, obese and morbidly obese persons. During the time I have worked with these people, I can say when being totally open on their part I have yet to hear any one of them being truly honest actually say, they liked being in a big, plus size, fat, large or obese body. I have asked them repeatedly, and that is why they came to me for a solution that would be a once and for all answer! A long-term natural solution is what most seek! I have also help way too many to lose hundreds of pounds, so the knowledge is there for those who do not want these conditions!

Yes, there are those who would say “they are perfectly happy” being big, fat, plus size, large or obese, however this is something that needs to be looked at from a” logical and practical perspective.” I mean listen to the words, fat, large, obese, what they are saying, they are saying “too much, more than enough!”

First, let us look at what we are talking about. Fat is “excess energy stored on the body.” Fat is a fuel, or energy reserve that is gotten from abundance or over storage of needs or requirements. Basically this is “more than what is needed.” This says the person is taking in excess over a time period, more than is required. This says, it is about me, me now, greedy, or selfish, and excessive. Sorry, it is what it is.

The state of fat, overweight, obese, is about the body having a burden on the bones, muscles, heart, lymph, vascular system, and being over insulated, which causes the body to have to work harder to even cool itself.

Where is this considerate of anything to do with life, from a physical or spiritual perspective? It isn’t at all! The spirit of a human resides in the body for its so-called ride through life; to do the job it is here for. So how spiritual is it to destroy and mistreat the physical body that contains the spirit?

Obesity is definitely not a spiritual quality. Obesity is a condition that directly opposes spirituality and then of course some would go so far as to try and say, “Don’t judge.” To that I say, “It is not judging, it is merely a self-evident fact of observation and logic!”

The fat individual is about me and me right now. I am not saying any of us are any better at all. My point is trying to get others to buy into this “big is beautiful” is as sensible as getting people to buy into suicide of any form. It is suicide, because that is what big, plus size, fat, large and obese are, a self-inflicted form of physical damage, to the end that it directly or indirectly causes the death and or unhealthful condition of that person.

This is not a logical self-sustaining type of action of a healthy minded individual. Any type of justification of this condition is perpetrated by a “sick” individual. How stupid is someone to “buy into” this type of delusional thinking?

Being big, plus size, fat, large, obese, is a condition that can be treated effectively when there is a true desire on the part of the individual and a factual approach is worked.

Big, plus size, large, fat, and obese, are obvious and self-evident to what causes them: self-choice. Selfishness, self-centered are the reasons it exists, and anyone who would try to justify these conditions should expect to look quite silly, even stupid.

When anyone justifies this condition with others, it is for the “justifier’s acceptance” to the unfortunate person who hopefully can see “the justifier doesn’t truly care for their own best health!”

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