exercise – the real meaning

Regarding your results from exercise……..

Exercise is usually and most often misunderstood!misunderstood –

Exercise- exercise is the deciding factor of what “level of performance” you want to be at.

Exercise is a triggering, a stimulus or stressor, to activate or move your ”response mechanisms “ into gear, for your body to adapt to a higher level of ability or performance. However, exercise can be performed to just “maintain” or hold a certain level of performance.

Exercise is greatly misunderstood by almost everyone, in that people think it cause’s health, when it is actually a triggering action for the body to promote stronger tissues and increased organ function to respond to its given stress at any one moment!
To add or not add…..what level of performance do you want to be at ….???
If a person’s body is adequately prepared FIRST,…(meaning nutritionally ) then exercise will benefit them. If nutritional requirements are not met PRIOR TO EXERCISE, then exercise is an added stress causing unhealthful consequences.        ©COPYRIGHT Bert Seelman 2008

Nutrition is the materials we are made of. Time is a factor for gathering adequate amounts of materials, while time is also a factor for processing these materials, for response or making the “reserves” for response!

So as the old adage goes, proper, prior, preparation, prevents, poor performance, prior to the stress or stimulus of exercise! So lets keep perspective, with regards to exercise triggers a “hopeful positive response” if and only if proper and adequate nutrition has “preceeded the stress or stimulus of exercise! Also that exercise creates stress and is an “exertion,” which is somewhat painful, creates increased breathing, sweating! Where recreation is stimulating to the mind and body in an enjoyable way! There is a difference being that recreation is for fun, where exercise is performed for making a change!

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