Exercise… getting fit, healthy, “AFTER the holiday binge”…..

Exercise… getting fit, healthy, “AFTER the holiday binge”…..

Well the last of the fall/winter “eating fests” are about to come to an end!

In a few weeks, many will hit the scale or try on clothing that has grown way too tight!


The scale is most common, but the wardrobe is the real killer on the ego, because this is where the reality of just how out of control one has been!


Yes, those extra’s with the extra’s, have now developed the “extra” around the middle, legs, seat, and the “all over” effects are now REALITY! …..OUCH!


SO NOW THE EMOTIONAL “FREAK-OUT” HITS! Causing most to do anything except, use facts, plan, and they seek doing anything that’s is immediate, now, fast, etc.!


Problem is that “most fast weight loss programs” use any approach and the usual rule here is this: fast short term visible results EQUAL long term debilitating or damaging effects! The results are not just fat loss but muscle also, which causes slowing of the metabolism long term!


Investigation into factual, healthful, properly balanced programs takes a bit, some effort, and usually cost a little more! The long term natural answer is a program that teaches a true lifestyle, so that sustaining the results is assured!


A proper program uses testing, measurements, photos, educates, and has long term success clients that can be talked to!


Beware of trainers, coaches, nutritionists, gyms, health clubs etc., Get the facts, research, learn who, what, where, and when! The vast majority of programs are fraud! They waste time, money, efforts, and health! Don’t be sold by “the legends I their own minds!” Beware of the gyms, trainers and programs that do not have “complete programs’ that do not “teach, the why’s,” and then actually prove things!


Anyone properly instructed and trained should be able to lose a size every 2 – 3 weeks, without hunger, without cravings, and photos every 3 weeks as well as measurements plus an accurate body composition taken to prove accuracy of programming!






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